Future Media: Changing Behaviors in a Digital World


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Presented at Fairfax Media's 2011 Sales Conference in Melbourne, Australia

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Future Media: Changing Behaviors in a Digital World

  1. Future MediaChanging Behaviors in a Digital WorldPresented by Allyson Hohman1 July, 2011
  2. Courtesy of David Armano, Website: Logic + Emotion (darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion)
  3. PHOTO BY ARNIE KUILMAN ON FLICKR.COMNot only is there a shift in mindset,but there is a shift in how we expectto communicate in digital platforms.We have evolved beyond websitesand now interact across a multitudeof digital touch points.
  4. Future Media = Buildingauthentic communication &continuous engagement thatcan be accessed acrossmultiple digital platforms.
  5. The IDCpredicts that the world’s data willgrow by 50x in the next decadeMashable Infographics
  6. Future Media is Disruptive
  7. “When we survey our lives andendeavours, we soon observe thatalmost the whole of our actions anddesires is bound up with the existenceof other human beings. We notice thatour whole nature resembles that ofthe social animals.”– Albert Einstein
  8. What Are Australians Doing Online?14% Collect find & share23% Create videos, blog posts, and images31% Post comments & reviews50% Are active on social networks and groups64% Read, watch & listen to social media content78% Are active in one or more of the ways aboveSource: Forresters Asia Pacific Technographics Survey, 2009, Q2 2009, 7,652 respondents
  9. We need to ‘play’ in groups that exist outside media. Don’t just be a content provider. Be a value provider. .Image from NewMarketingConsulting.com
  10. Sharing Drives Sessions Each AutoShared Tweet turns into an average of seven new sessions on YouTube.comhttp://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-we-think-about-social.html
  11. Crossing Channels – YouTube & Facebook 150 years of YouTube video is watched every day on Facebook 1
  12. Channels aren’t social, humans are.People will choose what channels arebest suited to their needs.
  13. 43% of Australians have asmartphone79% of them use their smartphonesto help with shopping95% of Australians use theirsmartphones for local searching
  14. PHOTO BY ASIRAP ON FLICKR.COMThe rise of the smartphone is creating amore engaged consumer. We have them onall the time and are looking to themincreasingly more to help guide us throughthe day.
  15. “A revolution doesn’t happenwhen society adopts new tools, ithappens when society adopts newbehaviors”– Clay Shirky, US Now
  16. Augmented reality is now just a download away
  17. Desktop and mobile searches are driving consumers to specificlocations with product in stock
  18. Social CommerceBuy and sell topeople, not strangers
  19. Google Wallet – The Growth of Micropayments
  20. Group buying works because it encouragesusers to connect their social networks andgive trusted recommendations to receive a discodiscount.
  21. In Game Advertising – A Captive Audience
  22. Times Have Changed – WeWant More
  23. “Consumers don’t see the differencebetween marketing channels. Theyjust see the brand and then use thechannel that’s most convenient forthem at that time” - eMarketer
  24. There isn’t only one way toaddress future media.There is no silver bullet, justevolving strategies.
  25. QUESTIONS?If you have any questions about this presentationplease contact Allyson Hohman on +613 9693 8106or email via allyson.hohman@columbussearch.com.au