Ao2 experimenting support book


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Ao2 experimenting support book

  1. 1. Art Exam A02 ideas Refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques
  2. 2. Photoshop Photoshop is an easy way to begin to explore your chosen idea. The next few pages go through a few techniques you could try. Don’t forget to screen shot and evidence when you are creating work on photoshop The link below has some fantastic video tutorials on photoshop techniques you could use
  3. 3. Photo Filters This is so easy but a really effective way of beginning to experiment on photoshop. Open your image on photoshop and follow the simple arrows below
  4. 4. Art Filters Click onto the filter tool at the top of photoshop to experiment with the artistic filters. Cutout Watercolour
  5. 5. Double exposure Choose two images. Make sure they are the same size and drag them on top of one another. Then experiment with the opacity and fill (shown below) on both layers
  6. 6. You can get some really interesting results with double exposure and it is really easy to create Double Exposure examples
  7. 7. Ghosting an image 1. Choose a photograph and open it on photoshop 2. Right click on your layer and duplicate. 3. Click on Filter – Blur –Motion Blur
  8. 8. 4. Create a ‘layer mask’ on your blurred layer by selecting the layer mask circled below Layer mask button
  9. 9. 5. You can now with the brush tool add subtle details back into the face such as the eye or the mouth. Make sure the opacity is on the low percentage for it to be subtle
  10. 10. Ghostly examples With this technique you could create a blurry background and sharpen particular things in the image as shown to the right
  11. 11. Drawing There are lots of different techniques you can use when drawing. You can draw with pencils, pens, charcoal, conte, or even be creative and create your own drawing implement like the examples below
  12. 12. Tonal pencil drawing Cross hatching
  13. 13. (below) A drawing created with two pencils taped together (left) Mixed media drawing (above)Tape a pencil to a stick and create an extended arm drawing
  14. 14. Painting
  15. 15. Printmaking techniques Monoprinting Etching
  16. 16. Image transfer process with gel medium and modpodge
  17. 17. Pyrography Heat Transfer
  18. 18. Botanical prints using indian ink and bleach
  19. 19. Mediums used - Indian ink, white paint, PVA glue, blue dye, candle wax, sticks and card for texture
  20. 20. Using wax on top of Art work
  21. 21. Drawing with the sewing machine
  22. 22. Collage and mixed media Painting on an old door on the panels
  23. 23. Sculpture Clay, wire, paper, paper mache, wood, plaster are some materials you could use