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  • Where are you going to be seen by new customers?
    Are you still reaching your best customers?
  • ComScore: US_Digital_Future_In_Focus_2014_FINAL.pdf
    Can’t even buy a non-smartphone from T-Mobile anymore.
  • Time to shift from mass media to one-on-one relationship building, enabled by technology.
  • Social: Zuckerberg: “In 2012, we connected over a billion people and became a mobile company.”
    4Q12 # Mobile Users > # Desktop Users

  • Not a substitute
  • Not a substitute
  • `
    The Search Agency’s Mobile Experience Scorecard: Fortune 100 Companies. September 2013.
  • ~20-25% of traffic from mobile devices

    Other considerations:
    No Flash
    Intermittent connection
    Different ads

    ~700k iOS apps, ~600k Android apps available
  • Is mobile your product or a channel for it?
  • Simon & Shuster
    Jiffy Lube
    Papa Johns $250M
    Burger King
  • Is mobile your product or a channel for it?
  • Use device detection and responsive design (mobile web).
  • Use device detection and responsive design (mobile web).
  • Building a database takes time – you can’t buy one.
  • Top10 mistakesofgoingmobile june2014.abbr

    1. 1. * @viaScully
    2. 2. *
    3. 3. *The Opportunity *Why Does Mobile Matter? *Top 10 Mistakes *Questions @viaScully
    4. 4. * *20% of the world population has access to running water. The World Water Organization *64% of the world population has access to working toilets. The United Nations *86% of the world population has access to mobile phones. United Nations via Time Magazine @viaScully
    5. 5. * @viaScully
    6. 6. TRADITIONAL CHANNELS ARE DISAPPEARING *TV is being replaced by on-demand and DVR *Radio is being replaced by iPods, Pandora, and Spotify *Landlines are going away *Newspapers and Magazines are thinning out, cutting editions, stopping print, or shutting down completely *Mobile is even displacing desktop @viaScully
    7. 7. Morgan Stanley.@viaScully
    8. 8. @viaScully
    9. 9. So, where is your audience? *65% of us have smartphones (U.S.) 51% 42% @viaScully ComScore Digital Future in Focus 2014.
    10. 10. *91% of smart phone owners have their phone with arms reach 24/7 Morgan Stanley, 2011 *4 out of 5 smartphone owners check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up “Always Connected.” IDC 2013 *85% of consumers said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life (90% of those aged 18-24) Salesforce/ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. *On average, consumers report spending 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones Pew Research, Jan. 2014 *37% of American consumers are “Always Addressable” (using at least 3 devices, online, multiple times a day, from multiple locations) Forrester via IBM Tealeaf “Meeting the Expectations of the Mobile Customer” May 2013 @viaScully
    11. 11. *27% of emails are opened on mobile device Sirona Consulting *87% smartphone and tablet owners using a mobile device for shopping activities. Nielsen. The Digital Consumer 2014. @viaScully *
    12. 12. * @viaScully
    13. 13. Mobile Web Apps SMS/MMS QR Location Based Services Mobile Coupons Social Media? Augmented Reality Gamification Push Notifications Mobile Advert. iBeacon / NFC @viaScully
    14. 14. *Highly personal, always close, always connected device. *Increasingly trusted as the first go-to channel for consumers. *Complementing some channels. Replacing others. *Often leads to action. @viaScully
    15. 15. * @viaScully
    16. 16. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Doc Searls” on Flickr
    17. 17. @viaScully
    18. 18. *More than nine out of ten consumers say that access to content however they want it is somewhat or very important; 59% say it’s very important. *83% say a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important. Salesforce/ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. *93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service (82% in store, 45% on desktop/tablet, 17% on mobile). *Over half (55%) of those want to make a purchase within an hour, 83% within a day, of conducting research on their smartphone. Google/Nielsen Mobile Path to Purchase custom study, Nov 2013 *71% have used “store locator” to find a store Google/Nielsen Mobile Path to Purchase custom study, Nov 2013 @viaScully
    19. 19. *Mobile works best when it becomes part of everything. *Plan your data strategy +Link your marketing programs +Common repository +Keep your data clean +Keep it compliant =Valuable marketing database @viaScully
    20. 20. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Jeff Hester” on Flickr
    21. 21. *SMS produces 6x-8x higher response than email MobileCommerceDaily, 2012 *Text messaging is seen as somewhat or very useful by 91% of users who actually subscribe to a brand’s texts. Salesforce/ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. *764.2 Avg Text msgs sent and received/month Nielsen 2013 Mobile Consumer Report *3,853 /month for 18-24 year olds. 25-34 year olds were about half that. Experian Digital Marketer Report 2013 @viaScully
    22. 22. *160 characters or less *More personal / intrusive *Carriers rule *Hard cost *Different metrics *No HTML *Audits *Strictly opt-in *Require short codes and program registration (6-8 wks) *Requires active list management (compliance) *Different calls to action @viaScully
    23. 23. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Christina Rogers” on Flickr
    24. 24. *Google loves responsive web design, BUT: *Only 9 of the Fortune 100 use it. 47 had dedicated mobile sites. 44 had just a desktop version. *RWD sites loaded slowest of all, 8.42 seconds on average! *Even full desktop sites loaded in 6.57 seconds! *Dedicated mobile sites still missed Google’s <1 second mobile load time recommendation, averaging 2.9 seconds. The Search Agency’s Mobile Experience Scorecard: Fortune 100 Companies. Sept 2013.@viaScully
    25. 25. *Different context of users (urgent, repetitive, bored) *Touch interfaces (“One eye, one thumb”) *Build for speed (smaller images, less code, “mobile first”) 74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site. Nearly half won’t return to a mobile site that didn’t work well last time. Gomez 85% of adults who have completed a mobile transaction in the past year expect the experience to be better than a laptop or desktop computer IBM Tealeaf “Meeting the Expectations of the Mobile Customer” May 2013 *If you rely on mobile web as a key revenue driver or expect regular repeat mobile web visits, then build a dedicated m-site.
    26. 26. * @viaScully
    27. 27. Are you sure? Hurdles: *Technical Strategy (platforms, back-end) *Budgets (initial build, ongoing maintenance, marketing) *User Experience & Design *Management *Getting Found *Monetization (Paid Download, Advertising, “Freemium”, Offline) *Consumers spend 15+ hours per week researching on their smartphone, fairly evenly split between apps and m-web. Google/Nielsen Mobile Path to Purchase custom study, Nov 2013 *Start with mobile web. Your users will. @viaScully
    28. 28. * @viaScully
    29. 29. *Each step cuts participation. Use clear calls to action and simplest flows. *Offer real value. Make it about your customer. Think “As a customer, would I use this?” *Don’t let technology dictate the experience. Make it disappear. *Give a LOUD voice to the customer advocate. *If you don’t advocate for user experience first, don’t bother. (not just a mobile thing) @viaScully
    30. 30. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Mark Couvillion” on Flickr
    31. 31. @viaScully *Symptom #1: The web guy or the email guy is now the mobile guy too. *Symptom #2: No mobile budget or roadmap. *Support and nurture ongoing *Not one-and-done *Learn, optimize, and iterate *Commit. This is not a fad.
    32. 32. * @viaScully
    33. 33. Complicated Ecosystem * Fuzzy rules and regulations (Messaging) * MMA * CTIA * CSCA * Carriers, LNP, & Deact * FCC * FTC * TCPA * COPPA * Federal DNC * State Laws * App Stores * International * Constantly changing. * Expensive to get started. Even more expensive to get wrong. @viaScully
    34. 34. *Significant distraction from your core business *Requires a number of specialized skills and best practices to get right: - Developers (new environments) - UI (best practices, frameworks, new form factors) - QA (range of devices) - Compliance (audits) - Marketer (new metrics) - Technical Project Manager @viaScully
    35. 35. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Jeremy Keith” on Flickr
    36. 36. *Two extremes: - Building only for iPhone - Building for every device *New devices keep coming. “Forever support” is expensive. *It’s okay NOT to support some (especially older) devices. *Set user expectations. *Test, test, test. *Have a process for deprecating support for older devices (<20%, < 10%, <5%) @viaScully
    37. 37. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “Mikey Wally” on Flickr
    38. 38. *“We tried mobile, but it didn’t work.” *Mobile is not going away. Stopping is not an option. @viaScully
    39. 39. * @viaScully (CC) Image by “David Blackwell.” on Flickr
    40. 40. *68% of consumers say it is somewhat or very important that companies they interact with are seen as a technology leader. Salesforce/ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report *“Our customers don’t want mobile.” *“We’ll just buy a list later.” *Your competition will beat you to it, and they will know more about your customers’ behaviors than you do. *Start. Capture data. Learn. Make informed decisions. @viaScully
    41. 41. * *1 Mobile as a silo *2 Treating SMS like email *3 Treating mobile web like web *4 “We need an app!” *5 Sacrificing UX *6 Under-resourcing *7 Building in-house *8 No device strategy *9 Giving up too soon *10 Putting it off @viaScully
    42. 42. * Slides will be at: offline questions:
    43. 43. * *Google Full Value of Mobile *Google Mobile Web *MobileMarketer *MobileCommerceDaily *CTIA Playbook *MMA Consumer Best Practices @viaScully