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3.3 Billion active mobile accounts worldwide. That’s 1 phone for every 2 people on the planet. Broadband, “real” web browsing, widgets, social extensions, and streaming television are changing the marketplace, requiring us to write new best practices.

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Marketers Guide To Mobile

  1. 1. A Marketer’s Guide To Mobile Marta Strickland 11.07.2008 © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  3. 3. Just How Big Is It? • 3.3 Billion active mobile accounts worldwide1 - That’s 1 phone for every 2 people on the planet • More households have mobile phones than internet & TV combined2 • In some Asian countries, mobile reaches nearly 100% of households3 1: Informa Telecoms & Media, March 2007 2: Informa Telecoms & Media, April 2006 3: IPSOS, Face of the Web 2007 © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3
  4. 4. It’s Not Just Big In Japan… • China and Russia are among the top 10 emerging markets for mobile subscriber growth4 • Currently, Italy, UK, and Russia all exceed 100% mobile penetration5 • Massive growth, due in part to increasing disposable income, in rapidly developing countries like India and Pakistan6 4: eMarketer, June 2008 5: Factiva: United Kingdom - Mobile Market - Overview & Statistics 6: National regulartor statistics © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4
  5. 5. And Back Here At Home… • There are 250 million mobile phones in the United States alone.7 - 144 million were data users in Q1 2008.8 - 95 million paid to access the internet via their mobile phone.8 - 40.4 million are active monthly mobile internet users.9 • Smartphone adoption will grow double digits over the next 5 years.10 - The growth of the smartphone market will exceed the laptop market.10 - By 2017, 52% of all subscribers in the US will be using mobile internet.9 7: M:Metrics 9: eMarketer 8: Nielsen 10: In-State © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 5
  6. 6. Every Market Is Fairly Unique… • Russia: 24% of mobile Internet users reported visiting a mobile gaming Web site as of 1st quarter 2008. 39% of young adult mobile users watch TV on their mobile.11 • UK: 19% of mobile subscribers accessed social networking sites, as of May, 2008; Social networks were the most desired mobile content by 25% of UK mobile phone users.11 • Italy: Upwards of 87% of mobile subscribers use text messaging as October 2007.11 • China: 34.8% of subscribers listened to music via mobile phones as of December 200711 • USA: 23% of all US mobile subscribers have sent or received a photo or video.11 62% of mobile search users regularly look for local information via their mobile phone.12 11: M:Metrics February 2008 12: iCrossing © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 6
  7. 7. Around The World, Phones Have Become… A tool for a busy life on-the go A primary means for internet access An integral part of being social A fashion statement and a lifestyle © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 7
  8. 8. What Is Mobile Marketing? © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 8
  9. 9. It Used To Be Fairly Limited Marketers had to deal with: • Small screen size • Black & white or limited colors • No image display • Lack of windows • Limited navigation • No Flash, PDF, or Video • Slow speeds • Limited message length • Limit scrolling to one direction • No tables or frames • No Javascript or cookies © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 9
  10. 10. Enter “Mobile 2.0” Broadband, “real” web browsing, widgets, social extensions, and streaming television are changing the marketplace, requiring us to write new best practices. • User interaction should feel natural • Campaigns should integrate into daily life activities • Content needs to be suitable for the mobile context • Information should be time-sensitive, location-based, and actionable • Tools should work to solve clutter, not create it © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 10
  11. 11. Cell Phones Are Becoming… More Capable More Relevant • Broadband - iPhone 3G, 700 MHz • News - citizens journalism, Obama app • Entertainment - Slingbox, YouTube • Social - Loopt, LinkedIn, Facebook apps • Navigation - Google Maps & Streetview • Education - mobile Blackboard • Gaming - PSP phone, iPhone games • Advertising - 23% of users have seen ads in past 30 days © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 11
  13. 13. Smartphone Users Are An Attractive Market The iPhone and other smartphone user is more likely to be: male, age 25-34, earn more that $100,000, college educated. They are communication enthusiasts. They crave information and entertainment. And they definitely use their phones to the fullest capability. Activity iPhone Smartphone Market Any news or info via browser 84.8% 58.2% 13.1% Accessed web search 58.6% 37.0% 6.1% Watched mobile video 30.9% 14.2% 4.6% Watched on-demand video or TV 20.9% 7.0% 1.4% Accessed social network or blog 49.7% 19.4% 4.2% Listened to music on mobile phone 74.1% 27.9% 6.7% Source: M:Metrics, March 2008 © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 13
  14. 14. The Mobile Platform Is Unique • It's localizable • It’s close to the POS • It has great tracking • It’s uncluttered • It’s highly actionable • It should be part of every complete marketing program © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 14
  15. 15. Each Channel Is A New Opportunity Mobile Advertising Mobile Applications direct robust Location Based Services User-Generated Content relevant engaging Mobile Web Viral Marketing focused intriguing Mobile Multimedia + Downloads Emerging Technology entertaining groundbreaking © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 15
  16. 16. Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising is the most direct and popular way to market via the mobile device, and often sees higher click through rates than online ads. Types of mobile advertising include SMS, MMS or multimedia message, banner ads on mobile web sites, and text ads on mobile search engines. CASE STUDIES SMS Marketing Drives Call-To-Action Yahoo! Mobile Ads Both Broad And Targeted Citroën wanted to sign-up Jaguar’s main goal was driving prospects to participate in a traffic to the XF mobile site to test drive and generate leads. engage consumers and capture The campaign that combined handraisers. They utilize a banner registration and SMS. combination of broad reach and Prospects filled data into banner ads, then hyper targeted advertising on Yahoo! Mobile. received a text message to book a test-drive. Results: 56K actions, 12K videos watched, Results: 33 million impressions, 200K clicks, 2.5K leads, 1.5K handraisers and 96% and 20K registrations in the first month. completion rate on the dealer locator form. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 16
  17. 17. Location Based Services Location Based Services are any mobile information and entertainment services that make use of the geographical position of the device. Some examples of services are: business locators (nearest business), directions, friend finders, alerts/notifications, mobile coupons, etc. CASE STUDIES SMS + Mobile Site Drive Real Foot Traffic User-Generated Content Drives In-Store Sales Adidas wanted to create buzz, Sunglass Hut want to connect drive store traffic, and build a its strong online brand to retail community of enthusiasts. sales. They created a site They launched larger-than-life where consumers could upload wallscapes, banners, and pics from their mobile and custom trucks to register people for in-store decorate it with Sunglass Hut products. They exclusives, products, downloads, and events. also received a mobile coupon to a local store. Results: A social network of subscribers in a Results: Sunglass Hut used mobile to close week, and boosting store traffic nearly 2000%. the loop between desktop and point of sale. . © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 17
  18. 18. Mobile Web The Mobile Web refers to the access of the World Wide Web using a mobile device such as cell phones, PDAs, and other portable gadgets. In some countries, mobile has become the primary way people access the internet. And many brands create mobile versions of their web properties. CASE STUDIES Mobile Site Delivers Useful, Funny Services Mobile Site Enhances Real-World Event Cosmo wanted to increase Adidas wanted to stand out by user engagement on the newly enhancing a live event launched Cosmo Mobile site. experience. RFID chips in So they created a call-back runner’s shoes combined with service that allows women to mobile tech allowed spectators get women out of bad dates. to track marathon runners in real time, their Results: Unique users up 32%, time spent competition, and find where to lend support. 171% and page views 236%. The site also Results: Over 10% of runners were tracked. won the 2008 Mobile Webby award. 4K people used the app w/ 107K pages served. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 18
  19. 19. Mobile Multimedia + Downloads Mobile Multimedia + Downloads are becoming more popular as phones, like the iPhone, become more media capable. Popular download types include: ringtones, video, podcasts, music, and wallpapers. Often they are used in conjunction with viral marketing programs. CASE STUDIES Entertainment Inspires Big Mobile Strategy Mobile Ads Drive To Multimedia Downloads Coca-cola extended the Hyundai wanted to build Happiness Factory experience awareness of the Genesis. by offering mobile users 'digital TV and mobile ads drove to a goodies‘. Also, in shopping mobile site where users could malls, there were photo booths download wallpaper and engine that downloaded the image to your phone and “rev” ringtones. Internet ads featured a Happiness Factory video found via Bluetooth. shortcode leading users to the mobile site. Results: The photo booth attained 70% Results: Click-through rate of 3.41 percent. conversion and Bluetooth 59%. 11% conversion on mobile banner for ringtone. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 19
  20. 20. Mobile Applications Mobile Applications gained huge popularity with the launch of the iPhone App Store which saw 60 million downloads in the first 30 days. However, mobile apps aren’t just limited to the iPhone and are being used increasingly by brands who want to deliver custom, targeted experience. CASE STUDIES Engage Audience With Mobile Games Build Grassroots and Buzz With A Mobile App The Audi A4 Challenge lets Barack Obama launched an iPhone owners quot;drivequot; the app to help supporters get 2009 model year vehicle. The involved, stay up to date on game, a free download at breaking issues and track local Apple's App Store, uses the campaign events. It organized motion sensor to steer a virtual A4 through a user's contacts by state and offers stats to series of progressively challenging courses. measure how many friends you called. Results: Over 370,000 units of version 1.0 Results: It was used by 11K people to make were downloaded in the first two weeks. over 41K of calls, and received huge press. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 20
  21. 21. User-Generated Content User-Generated Content submitted via mobile phone has seen tremendous growth, as photo and video cameras come standard with new devices. Because mobile technology allows content to be geo-tagged when submitted, we are seeing all the popular UGC sites adopt mobile upload tools. CASE STUDIES Celebrity Appeal Drives UGC Interaction Contest Encourages User-Generated Photos AMF Pension let consumers Pontiac wanted to drive age their portraits by sending awareness of the G6. in images via MMS. They Consumers had the opportunity could upload results to a web to snap a photo of a G6 via gallery. AMF used billboards their mobile phone of a G6 for a and TV spots featuring aged celebrities. chance to win $1 million. A free ringtone was Results: Web traffic tripled. More than 320K offered to everyone who entered. images (262K from mobile) in one month Results: Significantly lifted traffic to the G6 Winner at the Global Mobile Awards 2008. web and expanded visibility to target audience. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 21
  22. 22. Viral Marketing Viral Marketing in the mobile space has great potential, because it often combines real-world messaging with digital action. Viral marketing can mix billboards, TV commercials, and guerilla tactics with strategically placed text short codes and mobile bar codes. CASE STUDIES Viral Mobile Campaign With Video Content New Viral Technique Creates Instant Buzz Volvo wanted S40 awareness The 28 Days Later DVD with young urban audience. release featured large posters A mockumentary called the containing QR codes placed quot;mystery of Dalaröquot; was around London. The QR code released virally on mobile when snapped by a mobile phones in order to drive traffic while exposing camera provided users with DVD release the new product to the target audience. information and a web link. Results: 49% of participants downloaded the Results: There was a huge buzz created as video, and Volvo saw a large spike web traffic. the code showed up on Flickr, blogs, and TV. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 22
  23. 23. Emerging Mobile Channels Mobile Social puts the power of social networking in easy to use mobile apps, that can also connect people in the real world using GPS location. Mobile TV & Video streams television signal or video content sites into mobile devices. A great opportunity for pre-roll advertising on bite-sized content. Mobile Commerce grows as customers get comfortable with mobile banking. GPS location makes it easy to get consumers from phone to POS. Mobile Gaming brings together the popularity of handheld gaming and the connectivity of wi-fi to match up players for digital and even real-world games. © ™ ORGANIC INC. CONFIDENTIAL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 23