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iPads in School - A Case Study


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Presentation by Sabrina Huber at "e-Learning Fachdidaktik" conference, October 2011, Vienna

Published in: Education, Technology
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iPads in School - A Case Study

  1. 1. Sabrina Huber, Martin Ebner Social LearningComputer and Information Services Graz University of Technology
  2. 2. “I think this could very well be the biggest thing to hit school technology since the overhead projector.” “Pens and paper is much more effective in helping people learn and remember.”“It has brought individual technology into theclassroom without changing the classroomatmosphere.”
  3. 3. 16 brand-new iPads4th form of the “Praxisvolksschule Salzburg” 7 girls, 17 boysTwo periods – six and four weeks Netbook class
  4. 4. Higher motivationof studentsWillingness to helpDidactically well-conceived apps(e.g. geographicalapps)Great variety ofapps (regardless oftheir language)
  5. 5. Higher motivation of students Willingness to help Didactically well- conceived apps (e.g. geographical apps) Great variety ofEasy filesharing apps (regardless of(Dropbox etc.) their language)
  6. 6. Higher motivation Leight weight and of students form GUI = very intuitive Willingness to help Didactically well- Easy access to conceived apps information (e.g. geographical apps) Textbook publishers Great variety of – collaborationsEasy filesharing apps (regardless of with software(Dropbox etc.) their language) companies
  7. 7. Overhearingteachers’instructions.Arousing envyAvailability inGermanTime-fillersApps not long-lasting
  8. 8. Overhearing Instable Wi-Fiteachers’ connection;instructions. overload Students’ postureArousing envyAvailability inGermanTime-fillersApps not long-lasting
  9. 9. Overhearing Instable Wi-Fi teachers’ connection; instructions. overload Students’ posture Arousing envy Availability inChoice of Germantextbooks Time-fillersTime-consuming Apps not long-for teachers lasting
  10. 10. Huge unexploited potential Stronger focus on lack of functions and students’ needs (long-lasting apps…) Lack of adequately reflected practical experiencePlace in special needs learning environment
  11. 11. Sabrina Huber, Martin Ebner Social LearningComputer and Information Services Graz University of Technology Steyrergasse 30 A-8010 Presentation available on: