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Media Arrangements


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Media Life is a course intended for undergraduate students across campus. Its goal is to make people aware of the role that media play in their everyday life. The key to understanding a "media life" is to see our lives not as lived WITH media (which would lead to a focus on media effects and media-centric theories of society), but rather IN media (where the distinction between what we do with and without media dissolves).

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Media Arrangements

  1. 1. media as arrangements “media are infrastructures with three components: the artifacts or devices used used to communicate or convey information, the activities and practices in which people engage to communicate or share information, and the social arrangements or organizational forms that develop around those devices and practices.”
  2. 2. media artifacts: getting smaller
  3. 3. media artifacts: getting bigger
  4. 4. media activities: shift from communication to conversation
  5. 5. media activities: shift from consumption to co-creation
  6. 6. media activities: shift from a “things to own” to a “things to do” economy
  7. 7. media arrangements: the individual at the center of the universe
  8. 8. lean forward vs. sit back media
  9. 9. media arrangements: individual and shared experiences
  10. 10. media arrangements: a mobile logic
  11. 11. artifacts, activities, arrangements: from “mass” media to “social” media
  12. 12. in media, we’re all together alone