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Target groups presentacion


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Published in: Education
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Target groups presentacion

  1. 1. Supporting measures are directed to people, groupsor territorial fields in social, economic, cultural,geographic and ethnic disadvantageous situations.
  2. 2. O Main intention: equality in the right of education and therefore focused on students with educational needs.O Implemented in all the Autonomous Communities.O Regulated by the decrees on curricular organization for Primary and Secondary Education levels.O These actions are defined as follows:
  3. 3. O Measures to guarantee the most suitable conditions for schooling in Pre-Primary Education. The second cycle (3-6 years old) is free and efforts are made for increasing publicly-funded places for the first cycle as well (0-3 years old).O Providing schools with human and material resources. Teachers of Compensatory Education and creation of specific groups for supporting students at risk of educational exclusion.O Compensation plans at schools against school absenteeism such as intercultural mediation services or different timetable for libraries (out of school hours).
  4. 4. O The Spanish Ministry of Education provides scholarships and study grantsO WHO ARE THEM FOR? to students with unfavorable economic conditionsO WHAT ARE THEM FOR? for covering travel expenses, urban transport, residence, didactic material or the lack of work income in order to prevent them dropping out the school.
  5. 5. Authorities of the Autonomous Communities are in charge ofthe necessary means and organizational systemsStudents attend to schools in municipalities nearby (with facilities)Colegio Rural Agrupado Grouping schools spread out Itinerant teachers covering the specialities With the same “Programación general anual” and the “Proyecto educativo”
  6. 6. Cannot follow a regular schooling processAuthorities of the Autonomous Communities assures their schooling supportive itinerant units schooling programs and education support for students coming from seasonal work groups permanent teacher with the basic didactic resources
  7. 7. O The Autonomous Communities are in charge of organising diverse alternatives for students who cannot attend school because of medical prescription students hospitalized for a long timeservices, centres and special units
  8. 8. AclaracionesO Facilities: the educational Authority provides free transport services, school canteen and boarding school services.O Grouping schools spread out: (Colegio Rural Agrupado) consisting of grouping, from the organisational point of view, in a single one several schools in nearby towns with little population.O Cannot follow a regular schooling process These students cannot follow a regular schooling process due to the itinerant work of their families (circus workers, fair-goers, field pickers or similar)O Students coming from seasonal work groups: Schooling these children in the existing schools of the area or in prefabricated classrooms with teachers from the compensatory education program.