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Career development ppt


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Career Development. its about you identifying your potentials and developing them no matter the circumstances.
its best to do want you love doing best so that you can working hours in your lifetime than feel miserable doing something you don't like for about twenty years.
believe in yourself and don't let any thing discourage you.

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Career development ppt

  2. 2. CAREER AND CAREER DEVELOPMENTWhat is career?Def. (Oxford English Dictionary)A person’s course or progress through life.It also pertains to his occupational or profession that usually involves specialtraining or formal education and is considered to be a person’s lifework.What is career development?Career development is an ongoing process of gaining knowledge andimproving skills that will help an individual to establish a career plan.
  3. 3. WHY CAREER DEVELOPMENT?Today’s Generation Students……. Never plan for the future. Follow the crowd Choose by influence of others. Accept the parent’s verdict(decision) by force Get tempted by current trends Jump into any career Lack motivation Fail to ‘’discover their lives’’ Live in a fantasy world
  4. 4. CURRENT TRENDS Focus is lost. Effort to increase quantity. Survival of the fittest. Less influence by parents, teachers, etc. Increasing Dropouts . Checking quality in products such as food and clothing but not education. Increasing competition Effort to increase quantity. A-I-M LESS process
  5. 5. WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FORTHESE? Students themselves. Parents - most of them. Teachers - not every body. Schools & Colleges – majority of them. Society1. Government. People who have knowledge. People who achieved success but forgot others. People who can influence others for good.
  6. 6. What then dowedo????????
  8. 8. Why Select a Career? We have been created unique. (Eg. Fingerprint). We are born only once. We spend almost 40 years on our work. A total over 80,000 hours , we work. Now ask yourself how you will spend these 80,000 hours before youdie??????
  10. 10. STEP 1Discovering Yourself What are my interests? Values? Skills?Personality preferences? Strengths? What are three careers that interest me? What are three college majors that I want toexplore?
  11. 11. STEP 2Exploring Options What information or individuals can help me toexplore my college or career options? What classes or activities can help me to developmy strengths? How can I learn more about informationalinterviews, job shadowing, exploratoryinternships, service learning, civic honors, orstudent organizations to gain firsthandexperience?
  12. 12. STEP 3Making a Decision How much time and energy am I willing to investto make a career decision? Who is part of my support system to help meevaluate the pros and cons? What are my top priorities to consider for thisdecision?
  13. 13. STEP 4Taking Action How can I strengthen my readiness for success ina college major? What is one goal that I have? How can I reach it?What action can I take now? Which one of my talents can I develop throughclasses or outside activities?
  14. 14. STEP 5Evaluating the Decision Is my decision a realistic option? Is there anything preventing me from achievingthis goal? What would it mean if I didn’t have anybarriers? Who in my support system can assist me withachieving this goal?
  15. 15. Career Cycle - 1Career GuidanceSelf BeliefFactsPersevere5 Most Crucial FactorsSteps to ProgressCommit-mentPlanA path that makes some obtain hiswishes: course, job and location
  16. 16. HOW DO WE DECIDE?Abilities/AptitudeInterest+ Personality/Motivation= Career Choice
  17. 17. Career Cycle -2Career GuidanceSelfEducationVisionCareer Life SystemCareer PlanetsFamilySocietyA path that leads to Advancement& Promotion in Life
  18. 18. TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!• Course Selection Better Family Life Helping the Nation Develop Skills, Motivation, Plan Intelligently• Improve Reading• Taking Notes (You can Use)
  19. 19. READING SKILLS• Learn Terms• Get the Structure• Skim the Chapter• Thorough Reading• Review• Decrease in reading due to Reading aloud/moving lips Using Finger/head to follow Insufficient vocabulary
  20. 20. • Enlist Interested Career/Profession• Make Check-list• Crack all Entrance Exam• Get Advice• Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance• No short-cut to success (Hard work)
  21. 21. ART AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Faculty of Social Science * Department of Economics and Industrial Management * Department of English * Department of Geography and Rural Development * Department of History and Political Studies * Department of Modern Languages * Department of Religious Studies * Department of Sociology and Social Work
  22. 22. CAREER AND COURSE OPTIONS FOR ARTSSTUDENTS.PRINT JOURNALISM -1 Introduction• Journalism is the business of giving news. Newspapers,from big dailies to small town and local regional dailies,have been a major source for recording and giving newsabout all conceivable to millions of readers everyday. Working Conditions• The work of reporters and correspondents is usuallyhectic. They work under pressure to meet deadlines andmay work under trying conditions. Personality• Journalists need to have a broad based education, goodgeneral knowledge and a style of writing that is accurate,readable and informed. Journalists need to be observant,with keen interest in current affairs.
  23. 23. PRINT JOURNALISM Courses & Work Area• Newspaper Journalism [Editors, Reporters,Columnist, Commentators], Magazine Journalism,Web Journalism• Dip in Online Journalism• Dip in Journalism• Dip in Media Management• Dip in Media & Communication• Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC)• BA (Script Writing)• Bachelor of Communication & Journalism
  24. 24. MASS COMMUNICATION Courses & Work Area• TV/Radio• Newspaper• Press trust of India• Engrave/ Proof Reading/ Composing/ ProgramAnnouncer Institutes
  25. 25. ELECTRONIC JOURNALISM Introduction• Jobs in television industry can be divided intoreporting, anchoring and production. For TV andfilms, production involves pre-production work,production and then post production work. Working Conditions• Work in radio and television stations is usually verypleasant. Modern facilities and technologies makeworking convenient and precise. Personality• Generally, good communication skills, ability to workas a team, innovative and enthusiastic, inquisitiveand resourceful are requisites.
  26. 26. FILM MAKING Introduction• The roles and responsibilities of people involved in making a filmoften overlap and coincide, depending on the type of film beingmade. Number of people involved depends on the type of film. Working Conditions• Acting demands patience and total commitment, because actorsmust wait for parts or filming schedules, work long hours and oftentravel. Flawless performances require tedious memorising of linesand repetitive rehearsals. Personality• A strong will, determination and love for what you are doing will beneeded to continue after many rejections. Actors, dancers and musicians• Actors work mainly indoors in theatres and studios and for films andTV on location. Performing artists are creative people. Patience,dedication and hard work are required for success. Adaptability,ability to work with a team, discipline and responsibility are otheressential characteristics
  27. 27. PUBLIC RELATIONS• Public Relations has emerged from a simple operationof corporate publicity to a broad based managementfunction popularly termed as CorporateCommunication. Public Relations professionals work inoffices with adequate secretarial help. They areexpected to maintain good appearance, social poise,and a society precise conduct. Working Conditions & Personality• Public Relation officers work with journalists,managers and employees of an organisation andmembers of the public. They have to be good atgetting on with them. The basic personality ingredientsfor success in PR work is sociability, tact, patience anddiplomacy.
  28. 28. TRAVEL & TOURISM Introduction• The jobs in the travel sector are diverse in nature. Travel isa very competitive field since all travel agents are capableof providing almost the same kind of facilities and services.Hence travel agents work in an atmosphere of keencompetition for refer. Personality• The prime requirement for success in the field of travel andtourism is a genuine interest in travel. Personal knowledgeand experience of travel to major tourist destinations,hotels, places of interest, local customs, would make atravel agent an authentic and well versed source ofguidance to the prospective tourist.
  29. 29.  Courses & Work Area• Travel Agencies & Plan• Accommodation + sites of visit, …• Diploma in Tourism/Catering/Sociology• Diploma in Hotel Management– National Council of Hotel Management &Catering Technology, Delhi.• PG Diploma in Tourism• Diploma in Food Preservation– Indian Institute of Tourism & TravelManagement
  30. 30. HOTEL INDUSTRY Introduction• Hotel Industry has a great variety in terms of size,clientele it aims to serve, and its location. However, forthe efficient functioning of any hotel – large or small,work is divided among key departments – Management,catering, front office, housekeeping, accounting,marketing, engineering, forecasting. Working Conditions• Employees in most of the hotel operational areas enjoypleasant, clean and comfortable working conditions. Personality• This dynamic and variegated sector offers a whole rangeof jobs for young men and women with an outgoing andpleasant personality, a flair for creativity and capacity forhard work.