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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
  • it is so nice to use and share the presentations. but I am somewhat disappointed for the presentations are so brief.
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  1. 1. SCHOOL GUIDANCEAND COUNSELLING GROUP 3 Belén Amilibia Andrea González Daniel Muñoz Ana Rodríguez
  2. 2. Index• What is school guidance counselling?• Are guidance and counselling synonyms?• Personal definition• What are its functions? What are its main areas?• Who receives the school guidance and counselling services?
  3. 3. Index (II)• What services are provided in the school guidance and counselling programmes?• Who provides these services?• When are the school guidance counselling services provided?• Where are they provided?
  4. 4. What is school guidance counselling?School guidance counselling is a global concept which is focused on:• Acting in elementary, middle, and high schools• Providing academic, career, college access, and personal/social competencies to students.
  5. 5. Are guidance and counselling synonyms? They are similar concepts, but not synonyms. The main differences are:Counselling Guidance• teachers, administrators •individual studentsand families •maximize school learning• help resolve specific •stimulate careerstudent problems development • respond to the personal and social concerns
  6. 6. Personal definitionSchool Guidance and Couselling is the way of helping students of all ages to develop correctly their skills. They also help them with personal and academical problems.
  7. 7. What are its functions?• Academic, career and college readiness• Personal and social counselling• Consultation• Programme coordination• Developmental stages of student growth
  8. 8. What are its main areas?• School Counselling• Guidance and Counselling in the Schools• Counselling Practicum• Counselling Electives
  9. 9. Who receives the schoolguidance and counselling services? • Children • Teachers • Families • Administrators
  10. 10. What services are providedin the school guidance and counselling programmes?• Counselling• Prevention• Developmental Guidance Education• Consultation, Planning and Coordination
  11. 11. Who provides these services?School Guidance Counselor:• Help to develop goals academically and evaluate strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes• Deal with personal, social and behavioral issues• All levels students
  12. 12. When are the school guidance counselling services provided?All over the academic process• Primary: - Self-confidence - Kindness - Guide them everyday• High school - To know about careers
  13. 13. When are the school guidance counselling services provided? (II)• University - Most personal, relationship or identity problems - Difficulties affecting studies• Adults - Personal functioning and general health - Social and personal circumstances
  14. 14. Where are they provided? SCHOOL CLASSES SMALL GROUPS INDIVIDUALLY