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We "treat literature and stories as big data”, linking the to places, our memories and emotions

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. P leens, aces wh ere pl tell s toriesIFBOOKTHEN - Milan March 19
  2. 2. pla ces as tspali mpses Multiple stories of different kind and genres overlapping on the same maps, on the same cities, on same parts of these cities.
  3. 3. pla ces as tspali mpses Physical locations can be seen as novel points / places to publish and read our stories onto. Our memories, our messages, our thoughts, our emotions.
  4. 4. people, iesand stor sand place Is it possible to draw evolving maps full of meaningful contents, provided by people living and experiencing places?
  5. 5. P leens, aceswh ere pltell stories “ “ ss our first ki to Annion,e p a anna, 18 feb ..... Parco Sem , 2013 March 19th anna, 18 feb .....
  6. 6. P leens, aceswh ere pltell storiesPleens Lite
  7. 7. (...)
  8. 8. Wouldnt you suggestB ooks, ies, a romantic book d stor s... to a person passingan by places fulland place of broken heart? Wouldnt you give him/her first chapter of the book for free?
  9. 9. Long Termbusinessm odel Royalties on self- published contents deploying on real & fictional maps Insights on emotional Commissions on geolocalized data recommendation and behaviours systems Digital goods and digital White label goods derivatives (stickers, prints etc) Short Term
  10. 10. team a project by: Filippo Pretolani Mafe de Baggis with: Giorgia Lupi and Gabriele Rossi (Accurat) Paolo Faustini, Alessio BragadiniIFBOOKTHEN - Milan March 19
  11. 11. P leens, aces wh ere pl tell s toriesIFBOOKTHEN - Milan March 19