Organize yourself!


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Organize yourself!

  1. 1. Organize Yourself!Using Excel and Word to Keep Yourself Sane Amanda Walkup, M.A., NBCT Resource, Hillcrest High School
  2. 2. My Reasons:1. I hate piles of paper.2. I always forget which pile things are in.3. I love the sound the shredder makes.4. Since everything’s already on my computer, I look like I’m on the ball when I can automatically email my administrators back with the information they need.5. I like free stuff.
  3. 3. Reasons to Organize on a Computer:1. Easy access for you2. Difficult access for others3. “Filing” without filing4. As long as it’s backed-up, you can’t lose it5. Emailing/Scanning6. Easy transfer to ActivInspire
  4. 4. Tips for Organizing on a Computer:1. Create folders within foldersMy Filing System2. Name folders and files EXACTLY what they are or what they are to be used forGrades list 2012-13 IEPs folder3. “File” once a week – drag files into the folder they belong inExample
  5. 5. Tips for Organizing on a Computer continued:4. Back-up your files once a week to your home directory, home computer, portable drive,etc.5. If there’s something extremely important, email it to yourself and file it there as well.6. Make use of your email filing system to keep documentation on teachers, parents, administrators. Cover your butt!Email Folders7. Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean out your email every two weeks. Delete/File items from your “Sent Items,” file items from your “Deleted Items,” then permanently Delete items from your “Deleted Items.”
  6. 6. Excel:• Use color to note important items• Use bold print for headings• Include headings for each column and row• ALWAYS “view and show gridlines” under Page Layout• Figure out where each page begins and ends, and re- add the headings for the columns and rows• Landscape orientation gives more room for headings; Portrait gives more room for information• Allow the cells to size themselves• Make sure to highlight everything when sorting• Save often Grades List
  7. 7. Word:• For Word 10, click “No Spacing” at the top first!• Set custom margins in Page Layout if trying to save paper• Use highlighting to note important items• Copy and paste is your friend• Save often Project
  8. 8. Excel Examples• Pretests • Silent Reading• Teacher Checkoff Accommodations • PM Checkoff• IEP Info • Rising IEPs Info• EOC Accoms • Testing Accoms
  9. 9. Word/Publisher Examples• Pacing Guide • PR Comments• Lesson Plan • IEP Directions• Itinerant Students • Reeval Checklist• Student Info Sheet • IEP Accommodations• Career Powerpoints• Career Research• IEP Knowledge• IEP Problems
  10. 10. Questions?• Door Prizes• Access all of my templates on the following LiveBinder: