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This slideshow was presented at the Illinois Education & Technology Conference in Springfield on November 16, 2011. It highlights the Chicago Public Schools "iPads in the Library" Mobilary program.

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iPads in the Library

  1. 1. iPads in the Library:Making It Work in YOUR Library! Lisa Perez Chicago Public Schools Dept of LibrariesIllinois Education & Technology Conference November 17, 2011
  2. 2. Where are FullyIntegrated Some you in using mobile devicesDabbling On thesidelines devices in your library?
  3. 3. Why iPads?
  4. 4. About our grant http://cpslibraries.wikispaces.com/ipads
  5. 5. Selecting winners: Quality of Plan Assessment/Eval uation Plan Alignment to Standards Collaboration
  6. 6. http://mobilary.wikispaces.comProgram RequirementsAttend three days of ITS-organized trainingsAttend two days of Dept of Libraries-organized trainingsAttend monthly evening one-hour Safari Live webinar meetingsContribute recommendations of 15 or more apps that support library servicesContribute recommendations of 15 or more eBooks and/or audiobooks that support library servicesContribute to the development of guidelines for the selection of iPad-related digital resources that support thelibrary programContribute to the development of recommendations for best practices in circulating iPads and in catalogingresources in SOAR and other integrated library systemsAssist in the creation of one Animoto video and one full-motion video showcasing students using iPads in thelibrary. Secure necessary student photo-release formsParticipate in a culminating showcase event sponsored by ITS and the Dept of LibrariesComplete a culminating survey at the conclusion of the Mobilary programPresent at the Dept of Libraries Back-to-School event (optional)
  7. 7. Creating a community of learners
  8. 8. Chase Elementary Schoolhttp://animoto.com/play/eJ9kKwDjUDs0YV2qvxjcMQ
  9. 9. Purchasing Use Your District’s Buying ProceduresImage: http://mywebmastertips.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/mouse-with-dollar-sign.jpg
  10. 10. First-Time Set Up in the Library https://mobilary.wikispaces.com/ipadfirstsetup
  11. 11. BretfordCharging/Syncing Carts
  12. 12. CasesColor-codingNumber iPads onwall paperUse table-top bins?Other options?
  13. 13. Volume Purchasing Program - VPP
  14. 14. Pros/Cons of VPP for LibrariansPros: Ease of managing apps on many devices,cost savings, good to support research-relatedresourcesCons: Librarians rarely would want to buy 20copies of the same book apps, iBooks do notprovide savings, need for various syncing groups
  15. 15. Our Diigo Grouphttp://groups.diigo.com/group/cpsipadlibrarians
  16. 16. Free Apps:Productivity
  17. 17. Free Apps: Research
  18. 18. Assessing YourApps: Our rubric https://mobilary.wikispaces.com/apprubric
  19. 19. StudentContractshttps://mobilary.wikispaces.com/studentcontractsipads
  20. 20. Setting UpCenters
  21. 21. Namaste Elementary Schoolhttp://animoto.com/play/m3j058vvnOnzSOJH0Eh1DA
  22. 22. Where doescataloguing fit in all of this?
  23. 23. eBooks vs Book apps What’s the difference?
  24. 24. Free eBooksICDLFree BooksGoogle Books& more Make your own ePub books, too *Book Creator app *Creative Book Builder
  25. 25. Peripherals to MaximizeTeaching Effectiveness
  26. 26. Assessing Your Success How do iPads impact learning in the library? How do iPads expand library resources? How do iPads impact collaboration? How do iPads support production of learning artifacts? How do iPads expand assessment options? How do iPads promote equity? How do iPads boost technology skills? http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/03/02/apple_announces_ipad_2_with_new_design_faster_a5_processor.htm l
  27. 27. Contact Me:Lisa Perezleperez1@cps.eduTwitter: @leperez1