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Google Reader: Learn and Save Time!


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Google Reader: Learn and Save Time!

  1. 1. Google Reader Learn & Save Time! ICE-CAP Meeting – June 6, 2012 Lisa Perez, Presenter
  2. 2. • An application that allows users to monitor updates to various blogs and newsfeeds. It has social networking features and functionality to organize and share posts.What is Google Reader?
  3. 3. • It is a quick, easy way to access the latest information on various topics. • It saves time because you don’t have to go to each website individually • You’ll keep current with what leaders are saying in your field of interestWhy Use Google Reader?
  4. 4. • Yes! It should work with your existing Google account or your new Google Apps account.Will Reader work withGoogle Apps?
  5. 5. SO….HOW DOES IT WORK?It’s so simple!
  6. 6. I don’t have a GoogleID!Get one at : in with your Google ID
  7. 7. Add a subscription….. Search for specific terms OR Paste a feed URLWhat’s next?
  8. 8. • Bold face items have new postsFind stuff to read
  9. 9. Highlighted new posts are“front & center”
  10. 10. Share, email, keepunread, & tag posts
  11. 11. • Revisit items you’ve starred• Analyze your own usage trends• Explore recommendationsExplore & Analyze
  12. 12. Recently keptand read itemsare highlightedon the left paneRecent Items
  13. 13. Click on thecogwheel toaccess theReader settingsAdjust Your Settings
  14. 14. Manage settings and organize or delete subscriptions
  15. 15. Drag the yellow “Subscribe” button to your browsertoolbar to easily add new subscriptions as you surf
  16. 16. Don’t get stuck! Add & subtract from your Reader feed at will!
  17. 17. • Yes! Reader works on your iOS and Android mobile devices!• Don’t waste time! Mobile Devices
  18. 18. Five to ten minutes per day EMPOWERS you tobe a leader!You don’t have time to NOTdo Google Reader!
  19. 19. CONTACT ME:Lisa Perez –