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This presentation was part of a Google Docs training given to principals at the CPAA on April 26, 2012.

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CPAA Google Docs

  1. 1. Presented by Lisa PerezCPS Dept of Libraries, Instructional Tools & Technology
  2. 2. Google @ CPS Blog: Update on current status CPS Google in CPAA
  3. 3. Training Plans Training website Training components  Google Heroes  Online training modules in CPSU  Short screencasts in Safari Montage
  4. 4. Google vs Google Apps On the public Internet  Within a controlled Accessible to anyone domain Non-filtered  Accessible to Open to contact from organizational members anyone  Ability to limit sharing & Functionality the same interaction for all  Functionality varies by organizationGoogle Google Apps
  5. 5. What’s in Google Docs  Documents  Presentation  Spreadsheets  Forms  Drawings
  6. 6. A Look at Documents
  7. 7. Administrative & TeachingUses Share commonly used  Multiple students can forms with teachers collaborate on a Record minutes of document meetings and committee simultaneously work  Record and share Publish quick webpages research & other work  Access historical edits of a documentAdministrative Teaching
  8. 8. A Look at Spreadsheets
  9. 9. Administrative & TeachingUses Track data and compare  Collect and analyze data over time for STEM education Create attractive graphs  Track student progress and charts for teacher analysis Keep important data in the “cloud” and share with colleaguesAdministrative Teaching
  10. 10. A Look at Forms
  11. 11. Administrative & TeachingUses Collect survey data  Poll students on Embed surveys in school opinions, preferences, websites and data Collect teacher reports  Have students collect and analyze data  Administer self-grading, automated quizzesAdministrative Teaching
  12. 12. A Look at Drawing
  13. 13. Administrative & TeachingUses Create labeled floorplans  Create digital Design flowcharts, posters, directions, maps signage, & graphic , infographics, and any designs artifacts that are Create mark-ups on traditionally done in photos, maps, and other paper formats images  Collaborate on drawings with peersAdministrative Teaching
  14. 14. A Look at Presentations
  15. 15. Administrative & TeachingUses Prepare presentations  Students collaborate on for meetings presentations to Make presentations demonstrate learning available for those who  Create digital are absent stories, online visual Archive past reports, and narrative presentation for historical stories reference Collaborate on shared presentationsAdministrative Teaching
  16. 16. Sharing Tips Docs can be shared with individuals and groups Sharing levels are “owner”, “editor”, & “viewer” Collections of objects should be shared carefully to avoid unexpected access Docs can be shared to multiple collections simultaneosly
  17. 17. Management Tips Artifacts can be kept in native file formats or Google Docs Create and store documents in collections. Nest collections in collections Be aware that sharing of a collection extends to items within the collection unless overridden at the document level
  18. 18. Leadership Technology Summit • Register • Present • Award  A special educational technology conference for principals, APs, and technology coordinators  Tuesday, July 24 at Whitney Young High School 
  19. 19. Lisa