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HS Fall LLC Meeting


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This presentation was used at the Chicago Public Schools Fall 2011 Library Learning Community meeting.

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HS Fall LLC Meeting

  1. 1. High School Librarian Learning Community Meeting November, 2011
  2. 2. Mini-Book Talks
  3. 3. Dept of Libraries Updates
  4. 4. New Re-Organization• Part of “Instructional Tools & Technology” – John Mellios, Director• Part of larger “Office of Curriculum & Instruction”
  5. 5. Program Updates• Matching Grant program• Book Club• Elementary Battle of the Books
  6. 6. Current Workflow• School visits – as requested• Librarian Evaluation & Assessment• Vendor Management
  7. 7. CPS Virtual Library• Current status – Soft Launch•• Next steps - OverDrive• Creating your own library: New eBook specs
  8. 8. Tech Talk• Friday, January 27 at Roosevelt High School• Register now at• Bring a team from your school
  9. 9. NBC Learn Coming• New video database
  10. 10. Technology Training• Aligned with CCSS & Tech Ed work• More online components• Networks > schools
  11. 11. Common Core State Standards• ILT work• Early adopter work• Librarian implementation support – Research & Literacy• Group Work Group: Identify the standards
  12. 12. Break Time
  13. 13. CPS Research Model Small Group Activity: Give Your Feedback
  14. 14. Identify & Evaluate Share Source Learning Info with OthersReflect & Student Inquiry Assess Synthesize Information Organize Evaluate Info Data
  15. 15. Mobilary http://mobilary.wikispaces.comiPads – Nooks – Kindle - KINECT
  16. 16. Library Tour