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Ipads Classroom Applications

  1. 1. Ipads In theClassroomApps Showcase for TeachersNancy Caramanico, Technology and Education Specialist
  2. 2. Mobile Uses of Tech http://pewresearch.org/pubs/2222/news-media-network-television-cable-audioo-radio-digital- platforms-local-mobile-devices-tablets-smartphones-native-american-community-newspapers
  3. 3. Agenda Technology and Education/Ipads Explore Apps Download Apps Discussion/Evaluating Apps
  4. 4. Horizon Report 2012 Mobile Apps - One Year or Less Tablet Computing - One Year or Less Game Based Learning - Two to Three Years Learning Analytics - Two to Three Years Gesture Based Computing – Four to Five Years Internet of Things – Four to Five Years TechConnects Blog – N Caramanico http://ncara.edublogs.org/2012/02/09/emerging-technologies-to-watch- 2012/
  5. 5. Textbooks vs. Ebooks
  6. 6. Ipads Use in Schools http://mashable.com/2012/02/16/higher-education- digital-infographic/
  7. 7. Technology in theClassroom Objectives Activities Assessment What are effective lessons? How can technology be a meaningful component? What features of the tool can help students to demonstrate or enhance understanding? What apps should I look at which will help students to showcase mastery or enhance learning?
  8. 8. K-12 and Higher Ed Wiki Websites Blog Article on Alternative Textbooks http://news.temple.ed u/news/temple- faculty-experiment- alt-textbooks
  9. 9. Temple Special InterestGroup for Ipads http://sites.temple.edu/ipad/ Discussion places – Classroom 2.0
  10. 10. Creating Content Entering information Uploading Files Creating Videos
  11. 11. Evaluating Apps Langwiches Blog, Henry Walker http://www.scribd.com/doc/94980508/iPad-App- Evaluation-for-the-Classroom
  12. 12. Apps Showcase
  13. 13. Categories Just the Basics Curation – Gathering Information/Sharing Productivity – Make it Happen 4 C’s  Communication  Collaboration  Critical Thinking  Creativity/Innovation Flipped Classroom – Learning Digital
  14. 14. Just the Basics Search Buttons Wifi Settings Buffet Keyboard Downloading Apps Camera
  15. 15. Just the Basics http://www.maclife.com/CameraPhotoBucket
  16. 16. Curation Ability to navigate and use information is critically important in today’s technology filled world. “Curationis the new search’ Article on Curation . J Valenza
  17. 17. CurationFlipboardScoopit Create and Curate news and relevant articles Lessons  Any subject area – Students can collect and curate resources such as for current events. Use to discuss in real time.
  18. 18. Diigo Social Bookmarking Storage of all articles online Add notations Highlight Important points Create groups Students can add and comment to the group Access from Ipad or other devices
  19. 19. Communication Chat and meet online Mgtalk – Google ChatFacetimeSkypeOovoo Lesson Ideas:  Connect with another classroom  Connect with an author  Skype in to professional development
  20. 20. Creativity Snapseed Skitch Blurb Mobile Editing Images, Digital Storytelling Lessons:  Social Studies – Have students collect and edit images for use if a project collage  ILA – Have students create digital stories based on a writing projects  Blurb Website http://www.blurb.com/mobile/home
  21. 21. Flipped ClassroomItunes UKhan Academy (Web and Ipad)Poll Anywhere (Web Based) http://www.polleverywhere.com/#video Flipped Classroom http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player _embedded&v=2H4RkudFzlc#!
  22. 22. Critical ThinkingFlipped Class and Critical Thinking. Encourages student independent learning. Become a true guide on the slide.ITUNES U  Ipads, Iphones, Computers  Sign Up https://eduapp.apple.com/  Support Site http://www.apple.com/support/itunes- u/using/  Stanford on Itunes U 2010  Lessons – Select modules you are interested in  Digital Citizenship for Example  Lectures on a specific historical event
  23. 23. Evaluation CriteriaContent and ComponentsLangwiches Bloghttp://www.scribd.com/doc/94980508/iPad-App-Evaluation-for-the-Classroom
  24. 24. Evaluation CriteriaEvidence of LearningLangwiches BlogActivityChoose an App to EvaluateBased on this Criteria
  25. 25. Exploring Lessons Social Studies: Have students take notes and then collaborate on a project. They can role play based on a character in history. Reading: Students can take notes and add images via Evernote. Add links too.
  26. 26. Productivity andCollaboration Notepad Pages Evernote Notability
  27. 27. More Productivity Numbers Keynote Standard + - Calculator Filemaker Pro Ignition Apple TV – Print anywhere
  28. 28. Creating and Using Ebooks I Books – Video http://www.apple.com/education/ibooks- textbooks/ Pearson, McGraw Hill Samples http://www.apple.com/education/ibooks- textbooks/publishers.html Ibooks Author http://www.apple.com/education/ibooks-textbooks/ Anthologize Sigil Pandoc
  29. 29. Creating Content,VideoYoutubeScreen Casting, Educreations, Blurb MobileVideo Speak from IpadPreso AppShow MeBlurb Mobile Lessons:  Create instructional videos  Have students create videos
  30. 30. Thank YouNancy Caramanico, Instructional Technology and Learning Specialisthttp://ncara.edublogs.orgNancycaramanico@gmail.comTwitter @ncara