Bma conference all hands meeting 2.25.10


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Bma conference all hands meeting 2.25.10

  1. 1. February 25, 2010All Hands Meeting
  2. 2. Meeting Agenda I. Co-chairs Welcome II. Progress To-date III. Registration Numbers IV. Keynotes V. Panels VI. Logistics Director Update VII. Marketing Updates VIII. Director’s updates IX. Closing thoughts
  3. 3. Progress To-DateUpdates • New Sponsor • Posters, Flyers, and JumboTron in effect • 3rd and last Newsletter went out • Logistics activities getting completed (workplan) • Panels starting to execute conference calls • Brochure sent to print • Soledad update • Allen Center site • Questions devised
  4. 4. Conference Detailed Agenda
  5. 5. Registration Update Conference Count Kellogg Alumni 20 Kellogg Faculty 0 Kellogg Student 44 Kellogg J.V. 2 General Attendee/Corporate 5 Non-Kellogg Grad Student 20 Northwestern Undergrad 1 Total 92 Bin36 Count Alum 34 Student 29 Total 63 Gospel Brunch Count Adult 26 Child 0 Total 26
  6. 6. Keynotes Morning Lunch Keynote Keynote Mr. Aylwin Mr. Dennis Archer Executive Lewis, CEO of President & CEO Potbelly’sRoundtable Archer PLLC Eric Douglas Keene, Wes Coleman, Paula Sneed, Stuart Taylor, Founder and Pres. Former EVP and Chairman and CEO Founder and CEO of Of Keene Advisory Chief HR Office of of Phelps Prescott The Taylor Group Disney Group
  7. 7. PanelsMorning PanelsWealth Generation: Establishing a Legacy ofWealth Moderator: Prof. Derrick Collins Panelists: Darrell Jackson, Ed Honesty, Matthew McGuirePassion to Profit: TransformingEntrepreneurial Ideas into Thriving Businesses Moderator: Angela Edwards-Campbell Panelists: Ahmad Islam, Michael Johnson, Paul King, Kumi Walker
  8. 8. Panels (cont.)Afternoon PanelsManagement Turnaround: A Case Study ofEconomic Redevelopment Moderator: Alfred Sharp Panelists: Robert Higgins, Emery Matthews, James Peoples, Dia TaylorKellogg RealTalk: Leveraging the Legacy Panelists: Gwen Cohen, Dee Robinson, Cedric Thurman, Suzette Webb
  9. 9. Logistics Update Logistics – Day of Workplan
  10. 10. Marketing Update Marketing Activities update Video Update
  11. 11. Director Updates 1. Finance Update 2. Special Events 3. Strategic Partnerships 4. External Relations
  12. 12. Closing RemarksTo be completed:• Marketing blitz (TG, • Conference video editing andfloor mat, chalking, completionmedia, posters, media • Fire up meeting next weeketc.) • Gospel Brunch Marketing• Complete Panels • Task – everyone gets at least 3Conference Calls people to register for conference• Logistics Execution
  13. 13. Website Conference Website
  14. 14. Conference Detailed Agenda
  15. 15. Conference Detailed Agenda
  16. 16. Overall update & To-Do’s Recent Accomplishments • Live Registration • Keynotes confirmed • Almost all Panelists confirmed • 20k of Sponsorship (BofA gold sponsor!) • Fully updated website (great job) • STD emails sent to students, attendees, and alums