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Building a Global Values Community with Alan Williams


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2016 CTT International Conference:
Global Values Alliance, with Alan Williams, explores how to inspire greater authenticity all over the world by enabling connection, exploration, and action for our global values-driven community.

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Building a Global Values Community with Alan Williams

  1. 1. Global Values Alliance – a global network ‘Inspiring greater authenticity, all over the world’
  2. 2. Enabling Values Driven Society Through Regional Values groups Existing Regional Groups: UK Values Alliance - Liz Murphy Canadian Values Alliance - Nick Foster German Speaking Groups – Brendt Wucherer and Andrea Maria Bokler Values Academy, Sweden Global Values Alliance - Alan Williams, Mary Gentile, Jay Blithe, Brendt Wucherer, Danae Johnson, Liam Forde, Anil Grovor, Patrik Somers Stephenson, Patricia Berber, Tore Palmen Emerging Groups: Asia, India, South Africa, Belgium and Netherlands Support Resources for Existing and Emerging Groups: GoToMeeting Conference Account Group Formation Best Practice Strategies and Founding Leader Coaching Network Announcements to all CTT Practitioners in your region Free annual Small Group Assessment BVC actively supports the emergence and evolution of regional groups
  3. 3. Values Academy Sweden Canadian Values Alliance Regional Groups - A blend of experience and fresh thinking
  4. 4. Vä
  5. 5. INTERNAL EXTERNAL VISION To be a forum that inspires and provides insights and practices of the importance of values to people and the world at large To support the development of Values-driven individuals and organisations MISSION To create a conscious, values-driven leadership that liberates human potential in harmony with sustainable development To gather professionals to exchange experience and knowledge VALUES Sustainability, Openess Generosity Accountability, Respect, Humour & Fun,Trust founded in Sweden 2009 part of the Global Values Alliance 5
  6. 6. 2009  2016 What has worked for us • Sharing - through website, seminaires, newsletter, networking, introduction days to Values Driven Leadership (individual and organisational), lunches, cafés • Collaborations - World Values Initiative (students), Ekskäret Foundation, Barrett Values Centre, Global Values Alliance, CTT trainers in Sweden • Learning by doing What we are working on • More of the above • Engaging more people to be active model for empowering more people to act as representatives for Values Academy • Model for membership and financing
  7. 7. Barrett Values Centre Conference Building a Values Driven Society Sweden 2014
  8. 8. Internal External Vision To be a Canadian resource to inspire leadership action, to enable organizations and communities express their highest potential To create strong, resilient and sustainable Canadian Communities Mission To build a Canadian Community of Values Change Agents committed to elevating the consciousness of organizations and communities To empower Canadian leaders to build successful values-centric organizations and communities Canadian Values Alliance Vision, Mission & Values PROFESSIONAL GROWTH CROSSGROUP COLLABORATION MAKING A DIFFERENCE SHARED VISION AND VALUES
  9. 9. Canadian Values Alliance Lessons Learned • Reach out to names from the website – Gauge interest • Start by bringing value • Ask for help – how would people like to be involved? • Find people with the willingness to give back • Keep communication simple, sparse • Record meetings, post on website • Follow the process with Culture, 4 Whys • Worry about the destination later
  10. 10. Strategy Where are we going with the CVA? Enable Change Agents Create Demand Financial Support
  11. 11. What is the Global Values Alliance?
  12. 12. We are a global network seeking to inspire greater authenticity worldwide by promoting values in society 12
  13. 13. Why did we form? A group of people encouraged by: • The potential to have a bigger global voice together • A desire to benefit from a scalable approach to make it easier for regional movements to start up, learn, share and collaborate • Informal feedback from various sources that a networked global approach could add value • Encouragement from Barrett Values Centre (UK Values Alliance funding award)
  14. 14. Our purpose To inspire greater authenticity, all over the world
  15. 15. What are the Global Values Alliance values? • Consciousness - awareness of self, others, communities and environment for harmony • Collaboration - working together with inclusion, trust and generosity • Making a difference - presence in practice to create positive, sustainable impact
  16. 16. How will we do this? By creating a values driven community through enabling: • Connection • Being part of a global community (regional movements, service providers, academics, interested parties etc) • Exploration • Building and sharing a wide spectrum of knowledge, experience, expertise and resources with easy access • Action • Exploring synergies and scalable opportunities eg World Values Day • Making it easier for regional movements to start up eg template The Bottom Line Creating a bigger voice for values
  17. 17. Global Values Alliance – Our Why, How and What Making a Difference Consciousness Collaboration Our reason for being is to inspire greater authenticity, all over the world. How we do this is underpinned by our values: presence in practice to create positive, sustainable impact working together with inclusion, trust and generosity awareness of self, others, communities and environment for harmony We will do this by enabling connection, exploration and action for our values driven community
  18. 18. What’s the focus? Values operate at many levels Our focus is: • Personal • Organisational • Societal.
  19. 19. How can we engage with values?
  20. 20. World Values Day is 20 October 2016 Values are the things that are important to us, the foundation of our lives. Our values show us the way. World Values Day is an opportunity for us to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them. in. @valuesday #WorldValuesDay
  21. 21. • “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” Jose Ortega y Gasset
  22. 22. Website Community website - supporter registration - forum for discussion - resources reading - books / articles / blogs for publication videos organisations directory - regional websites, values driven groups Individual country organisation websites - or other - websites have own local content and a connection eg news feed to Global Values Alliance site.
  23. 23. World Values Day:Sprint Working Session
  24. 24. Sprint Guidelines • Output and action focus – what will be the positive difference we have made after 20 days? • Never perfect – we can always refine as we go. • Collective power – just as your group have made suggestions based on your best judgement, so have other groups so please embrace these ideas (and also add value if you can). • Common approach – a consistent approach (with local freedom if appropriate) will make for greater impact • Work FAST– how much can you achieve in 45 minutes and in the 20 days? • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound). • KISS – keep things simple so the actions are achievable.
  25. 25. Sprint Working Session Process • 1 minute: Allocate roles (Chair, Timekeeper, Writer, Presenter). Decide fictitious name of regional group/movement • 5 minutes: Silent reflection and writing ideas on post it notes put into centre of the table. Look at the post-its to stimulate more ideas… but in silence • 5 minutes: End of silent phase. De-duplicate post it suggestions and group these ideas into general topics/headings. • 30 minutes: Build on ideas and translate into 20 day action plan - broken down into 1-9, 10-19 and day 20) • 5 minutes: Presentation (capturing comments)
  26. 26. Sprint Plan Next Steps • Jay will make all of these ideas available at XXXXXXXXXX • Decide what you want to do – individually or with others • You are invited to let Jay know what you have done so we can understand what we have achieved together and celebrate our success on 20 October • It’s up to you
  27. 27. Thank you Please contact us: Inspiring greater authenticity, all over the world