Social Media for Advocates


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Presented at the annual HSUS State Council Retreat in DC October 2013.

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Social Media for Advocates

  1. 1. [ Social Media for Advocates: 2013 HSUS State Council Retreat] Sarah Barnett Senior Manager, Social Media @sarahhsus
  2. 2. [ My name is Sarah, and I’m a social media addict. ]
  3. 3. [Some Questions for You All ] How many of you are on Facebook? Twitter? How many of you use social media to connect with other advocates? How many of you have logged on in the past 24 hours?
  4. 4. What We’ll Talk About • Part I: Considerations • Part II: Privacy Settings • Part III: Use Social Media for Good • Part IV: Tactics
  5. 5. Why Are We Here? The way we communicate is changing. It’s not a fad. Therefore, we must adapt by: Having a presence in places where people are. Expanding our networks to gain widespread support for important issues where people are. Recruiting new supporters, and new advocates, where they are. Giving people a way to take action for animals – where they are. The question is no longer “should we be using social media” – it’s “how?”
  6. 6. Why this too? Website Facebook twitter One way communication Two way communication Two + way communication Content generated in Contend generated by Content generated by house – changes daily users – changes by users & current events the hour – changes by the minute Press releases Posts Soundbites Talking to people Talking with and to people Talking with people, debate, less control
  7. 7. Privacy
  8. 8. Privacy Quick Steps
  9. 9. Privacy Quick Steps
  10. 10. Privacy
  11. 11. Using Social Media for Good
  12. 12. Using Social Media for Good: Collaboration
  13. 13. Using Social Media for Good: Collaboration
  14. 14. Using Social Media for Good: Education
  15. 15. Using Social Media for Good: Education
  16. 16. Using Social Media for Good: Legislators
  17. 17. Using Social Media for Good: Legislators
  18. 18. Using Social Media for Good: Opposition
  19. 19. [ What Matters? ] The Friend request or Follow is the beginning of the relationship, not the end. Ask yourself: • Do those people do what you want them to do? (tie to goals) • How can you get them to do it? (think like a user) • How are you making it a valuable community for both you and your friends? (be selective and creative) • How will you get them to come back? (engage) You must be relevant, interesting, concise, responsive, and provide value to your friends.
  20. 20. [ Tactics to Steal! ] Get excited!!
  21. 21. [ 5 Tactics to Convert Friends to Constituents ] #1: Ask explicitly with a solid call to action. How to do it: – Add “Please RT” or “please share” or “take action now” to your posts. Note: use sparingly or it will not mean as much. Why it works: People tend to do things if you just ask.
  22. 22. [ 5 Tactics to Convert Fans to Constituents ] #2: Close the loop. How to do it: When you ask friends to do something, let them know what happens as a result. Why it works: People want to know how their time and money is making a difference. Show them by following up and closing the loop, and they’ll be more inclined to do it again when you ask.
  23. 23. [ 5 Tactics to Convert Fans to Constituents ] #3: Make it about THEM. How to do it: Instead of saying “sign our disaster preparedness pledge” say “you wouldn’t leave your pet behind in a disaster, would you? Then sign the pledge!” Why it Works: People ask “what’s in it for me?” Make it about them and they’ll be more likely to do what you want. (This was the most successful post on 2012)
  24. 24. [ 5 Tactics to Convert Fans to Constituents ] #4: Post a variety of types of content. How to do it: Ask for opinions, post actions, post funny photos or videos. Why it works: People like variety. Switch it up. Don’t beat people over the head with asks or homeless animals, but don’t just post fluff all the time. That way when you do ask for something, they’ll know you mean
  25. 25. [ 5 Tactics to Convert Fans to Constituents ] #5: Make your content as relevant as possible to your fans. How to do it: Call our your friends interests – horse friends? Dog friends? Friends in a certain state? Why it works: When something is more relevant to you, you’re more likely to pay attention and do something about it.
  26. 26. [ Final Thought ] “Social media is free…. free like a puppy.” #SMWES // @cariegrls
  27. 27. [ Thank you! ] @sarahhsus