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How Nonprofits Can Engage Their Volunteers Through Social Media


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How can nonprofits engage their supporters online to carry the message and mission of the nonprofit to their connections.

The goal is to create compelling content that encourages and motivates supporters to comment and share this content with their own networks.

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How Nonprofits Can Engage Their Volunteers Through Social Media

  1. 1. Engage YourVolunteers ThroughSocial NetworkingGreg AllbrightChange For A Dollar,
  2. 2. Overview Great content (Interesting, entertaining, and/or informational) Engaging your volunteers in fun, creative ways Volunteers who feel they are contributing to mission success
  3. 3. Three Deliverables• Craft a social media campaign strategy• Content ideas and examples• Specific ways to engage volunteers
  4. 4. Expectations Five Things You Want To Learn
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy (Worksheet) Use for building event interest, audience development, or awareness campaign• Whats your pitch/point• How much does your audience know about you and social media?• How will you be human?• How will you measure success?
  6. 6. Give Information And Ask Questions
  7. 7. Help People
  8. 8. Help People
  9. 9. Tell People’s Story
  10. 10. Confront Stereotypes and Myths
  11. 11. Talk About Current Events - How They Relate
  12. 12. Share A Photo (Show People What You Do)
  13. 13. Share A Photo (Show People What You Do)
  14. 14. Share A Photo (Show People What You Do)
  15. 15. Share A Photo (Ask Questions, Make People Think)
  16. 16. Highlight a Recent Event
  17. 17. Share A Video
  18. 18. Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  19. 19. Ask People To Recruit Others To Your Social Media
  20. 20. Take an idea through tNow What? Hub and Spoke Marketing system, show how it works
  21. 21. You want volunteers to comment, share, andencourage other people to share.• Email : Encourage people to send it along to friends• Facebook - Comment on your posts, then share with others, and provide their own comments.  (Events, Photos, Videos, Questions, Polls, Notes, Discussions)• Twitter - Follow you, RT your tweets, include you on their #FF• Youtube - "like" a video, subscribe to our channel, share it with friends, make a response video• Flickr - Post their event pictures. Comment on yours. Share your photos. Suggest your stream to friends• LinkedIn - Identify themselves as volunteers. “Follow” your profile. Connect with other volunteers.
  22. 22. Social Media Action Team• Ask board members and volunteers • They comment, share, post, link for specific purpose• Email before posting, tell them what• Good for the short term, specific event or awareness campaign
  23. 23. SWAT - DFW/AMA Nonprofit SIG• Weekly content: videos, polls, articles• Facebook Fan Page/Event = Hub• Twitter, Facebook, Email, Linkedin, Youtube• More inbound links = more eyeballs seeing your content• Ask people to share it
  24. 24. Social Media Volunteer Team• Ask a broad spectrum of people• Empower them to create content• Serve as the voice on platforms• Good for the long term, over several years• Switch roles frequently, prevents social media fatigue• Austin Street Centre and Red Cross of Dallas
  25. 25. Wrapping It Up• What’s your strategy• What’s your content?• Ask Volunteers To Help
  26. 26. Five Things You Wanted To Learn?• #1• #2• #3• #4• #5
  27. 27. Thank You! Greg Allbright @change4adollar