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e-PR Lecture 2


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Second of 12 lectures in the University of Notre Dame Australia e-PR unit 2011. Slide notes are "raw" and have not been edited.

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e-PR Lecture 2

  1. 1. Checklist• Twitter: starting to get a feel• Some additional following• Focusing on blog topic/s• Pics on gMail account• Bios on Twitter• Survey
  2. 2. Week 2: The changing face of SM. Using SM tools.Two part to this week’s introduction:1. A broad overview of what you you should be focussed on when you incorporate SMinto PR. Sevens steps to follow.2.
  3. 3. Old media
  4. 4. Newmedia
  5. 5. The end of PR as we (I) know it1. The Dept of Defence considers Twittering and other forms of social media critical to national security. Recent enquiry into SM (after sex scandal at Academy). PR review company a dud, though.2. BMC Software measures communications effectiveness based on contribution to EPS3. A WA boutique winery found new markets in Europe through its web site4. NWF increased wildlife spotting, as well as members, with its Twitter account5. The Red Cross measures the effectiveness of Twitter via lives saved and harm avoided6. IBM receives more leads, sales and exposure from a $500 podcast than it does from an ad7. 11 Mums turned around Walmartʼs image and delivered measureable increases in sales.8. @comcastcares turned around Comcastʼs customer service reputation9. A social media campaign for War Child charity delivered a 38% increase in donations and 300 new volunteers
  6. 6. Whatʼs it about • The new art of listeningSo what’s PR all about now?It’s all about the new art of listening? It’s always been about listening.But now there’s more to listen to.There’s still all the basics, like research, reputation. It’s just that managing them isconstantly evolving. You’re right in the middle.
  7. 7. Social Media renders anything you know about PR obsolete • Impressions • Brand engagement • Reach v revenue • Up close and personal• Impressions are impossible to count in social media• Who cares about impressions when you can measure brand engagement ?• Who cares about reach when you can measure revenue?• Wouldnʼt you rather be closer to your target groups?
  8. 8. 1. Conquer your fearsI’m afraid of what I’ll hear• If you’re deaf to the conversation, only your enemieswill hear itThe lawyers won’t let me• It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permissionI’m afraid of losing control• You never had control. You’re not in control.I don’t have anything to say• Don’t talk, listen
  9. 9. 2. Set clear, measureableobjectives • What problem do you need to solve? • Donʼt do it if it doesnʼt add value • You canʼt manage what you canʼt measure - set measureable goals
  10. 10. The fork in the road Marketing/leads/ Reputation/ sales relationships To fix Or get to this this
  11. 11. Goals drive metrics, metricsdrive results Reputation / Goals Relationships Relationship scores Recommendations Metrics Positioning Engagement
  12. 12. 3. Check with yourstakeholders• Should you blog or Twitter? • Donʼt ask me, ask your audience• Whatʼs important to them?• Where do they go for information?• What do you want them to know? "
  13. 13. 4. Start listening • Search for relevant topics • Monitor those topics • • Google Alerts • Join Twitter • • Tweetdeck
  14. 14. 5. Take the plunge JoinTwitter, others to start following • @kdpaine • @shelisrael • @anyone who interests youAnyone youʼve come across that interests you? Why?Any ideas of what youʼre going to use Twitter for?a
  15. 15. 6. Obey the rules Do Donʼt • Be interesting • Talk about boring stuff • Share things that excite • Scream about your you “stuff” • Ask advice • Be a narcissist* • Join the conversation • TWI • Comment on blogs • Reply to Twitter*Narcissist = someone with a giant ego, full of oneself.
  16. 16. 7. Build communitiesWhat are they using for community? Use arrow.
  17. 17. Fan pages, such as on Facebook, grow camaraderie. They linkpeople with a common viewpoint.• Share your knowledge• Create buzz for events / campaigns• Brand exposure with Facebook ads
  18. 18. 8. EngageTwitter includes others in ongoing dialogueBroadcast your message by letting your community contribute through their voice. Youcan do this through YouTube and Flickr
  19. 19. 9. EvangeliseBy letting go, you can make others make your brand their own. If you makepeople feel a part of something, they will become “evangelists” for you. Theywill spread the word.A social media evangelist is a person who uses social media tools and services toengage a given audience around an idea.For next week:Can anyone think of companies that do this online?What about people that do this?
  20. 20. 10. Evaluate • Web traffic • Google Analytics • Search effectiveness • Hubspot Grader • Improve relationships • SurveyMonkey/Google DocsYou still have to do that. Weʼll look at that further down the track.This diagram only refers to web analytics (how many people have visited your site over the past month, how manytimes they visited your site, and all the pages they viewed in just a few clicks. From the usage data the options arelimitless).What you are looking for in PR is more than just that.What are some of the things youʼd want to know from an online campaign?BehaviourRevenueIncrease in membersPositive/negative comments
  21. 21. Learn more • David Meerman Scott • Joseph Jaffe ( • Brian Solis ( • KD Paine (@Kdpaine)Almost same as point 5 (take the plunge), but this slides just provides some name of people you should follow.Some were set up in the ND Twitter feed and in the RSS feed on our Google group.Tweiner
  22. 22. Follow us @Notre_Dame_PR Follow me @PR_Doctor
  23. 23. Your thoughts ... the readings • A studentʼs thoughts • The changing media landscape (Cavanza) • How PR pros use SMClass discussion of the first two.We’ll then look at the third reading in more detail.
  24. 24. What PR pros are using
  25. 25. New tools strengthen brandSee lilac document