Image And Identity


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Image And Identity

  1. 1. Corporate Communication:<br />Analyzing the Communication process of Healthy Campus<br />I am analyzing the organizational communication process of Healthy Campus, focusing on how the organization promotes their Image and Identity to the UCO community, (students, faculty, departments) and the Edmond community.<br />External Image: The complete perception of the way an organization presents itself either deliberately or accidentally. <br /><ul><li>Corporate Image helps the organization differentiate itself from others.
  2. 2. Promotes the external presentation of security and productiveness in an organization.
  3. 3. Focuses toward External Image: Transform
  4. 4. Products, markets, branding, reputation management.
  5. 5. Focuses toward External Image: Perform
  6. 6. Goals, strategies, performance credibility, accountability</li></ul>Internal Identity: An organizations presentation of itself to its stakeholders (somebody or something with direct interest).<br /><ul><li>Corporate Identity is the outward presentation of an organization created by internal functions.
  7. 7. Tells both internal and external stakeholders what the organization is about, what it does, and which strategies it adopts.
  8. 8. Focuses toward Internal Identity: Conform
  9. 9. Coordination, symbolic convergence (rhetoric that is co-created by people trying to make sense out of a common experience),
  10. 10. Uniformity, control, compliance systems (agreement in a way of proceeding)
  11. 11. Focuses toward Internal Identity: Reform
  12. 12. Culture, core values, shared beliefs, commitment, participation</li></ul>Transformative Learning at Healthy Campus<br />I am researching Transformative Learning’s correlation with Student Involvement at Healthy Campus. Transformative Learning is a holistic (considering all factors) process that places students at the center of their OWN active and reflective learning experiences.<br /><ul><li>Six Tenets (accepted as important truth) of Transformative Learning
  13. 13. Discipline Knowledge
  14. 14. Leadership
  15. 15. Problem Solving (Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities)
  16. 16. Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  17. 17. Global and Cultural Competencies
  18. 18. Health and Wellness</li></ul>Health and Wellness <br /><ul><li>Student Learning Activities
  19. 19. Academic Coursework Integration
  20. 20. Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  21. 21. Health Promotion, Wellness Programs, and Poor Health Prevention
  22. 22. Comprehensive, Medical, Psychological and Recreational Services
  23. 23. Health Policy Advocacy (giving aid to cause)
  24. 24. Student Learning Outcomes
  25. 25. Be able to learn at the level of one’s potential
  26. 26. Choose and exhibit behaviors that promote healthy, reduce risk, and strengthen relationships.
  27. 27. Understand and can explain the relationship between health and one’s capacity to meet personal, academic, and long-term goals.
  28. 28. Understands the essential connections between personal health and the quality of the natural, campus, and human environments
  29. 29. Can articulate how the health of individuals is linked to the health of the natural environment and of their community.
  30. 30. Identify and utilize campus and community health wellness resources and support available to the UCO community.