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Bridging the gap between academics and industry


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Bridging the gap between academics and industry

  2. 2. What Colleges Teach? Theoretical knowledge of markets and trends in industry Tried and tested ways of getting a white colored job Strategies to compete in competitive environment
  3. 3. What Students Absorb? A degree is sufficient to get a job Set up unrealistic expectations in terms of salary, timing and mobility. Knowledge earned from a degree is sufficient to survive in corporate world
  4. 4. What Industry Wants? A work Attitude Strong analytical, listening and communication skills Team player, collaborative approach motivated, committed, dedicated Basic understanding of the business and its processes. Ability to learn and unlearn
  5. 5. The GAP (Area of Concern) Students expectations Industry expectations Knowledge and skill sets industry expectations
  6. 6. What can be done Industry interaction with the students should be increased Frequent visits to corporate houses will make students accustomed to corporate ways More internships, workshops and live projects can become a part of students curriculum Students should be more involved in placement process to have better understanding of industry.
  7. 7. Case StudyWhat I learned in college? Theoretical knowledge Tried and tested skills Sheetal Sharma Limited methodologies to solve problems MBA – MarketingWhat I experienced in industry? B.Sc - Zoology Corporate life comes with challenges everyday 24 Years Work attitude needs to be cultivated Theoretical knowledge gained cannot be applied to practical application every timeWhere is the gap? Student’s expectations in terms of work environment, salary and job profile is not realistic Faces tough situations at workplace due to lack of attitudeWhat can be done? Industry expert interaction should be increased More and more workshops/seminars should be planned
  8. 8. Case StudyWhat I learned in college? Tried and tested methods of solving problem Theoretical approach to decision making J Kanthi Priya Unorganized process orientation MBA – Marketing &What I experienced in industry? HR Risk analysis and real time problem solving BBA - Marketing Spontaneous and balanced decision making 23 Years Organized and structured orientedWhere is the gap? Lack of expertise in a particular domain Difference between Perception and reality of ownership and responsibilityWhat can be done? Academics based on practical education from industry experts Introduction to graduate executive programs in Indian education system
  9. 9. THANK YOU