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Use of multimedia in school education-


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This PPT illustrates how to use digital media for educational purpose, particularly in school environment , it also highlights pathway available for imparting information & knowledge through web based technology

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Use of multimedia in school education-

  1. 1. Use of Multimedia in school Education Bird’s eye view
  2. 2. what is multi media? Digital content in the form of audio, video, and animation in addition to traditional media (i.e., text, graphics drawings, images).
  3. 3. characteristics of multimedia Dynamic Digital- Convergent-Broadcast -online-on demandInteractive
  4. 4. Why Multi Media ? Enhancing access Sharing content Management of Edu. System Knowledge Society
  5. 5. Multi media for promote creative, analytical and aesthetic abilities
  6. 6. PPT Highlighting points Visual support Content briefs
  7. 7. TV Media Audio visual Good for Geography, History, Science Drawing, experiment
  8. 8. Broadacst Pre information Group discussion Guidelines
  9. 9. Non broadacst mode Review & preview Knowledge step by step Home viewing
  10. 10. Radio & Audio media Languages, poetry, stories Music
  11. 11. Video clippings True life experience Concept clarity Supporting documentation
  12. 12. Online Internet Search engines like Wikipedia Google
  13. 13. Online Facebook Twitter You tube Blogs
  14. 14. Learning objects Small components Complete in all respects Audiovisual support Interactive
  15. 15. Edusat Virtual calssroom Distance learning mode Equipped with ROT&SIT Interactive Recording arrangements
  16. 16. Mobile Phones Internet Bluetooth What’s app We chat
  17. 17. Technology webcast A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using Streaming technology to distribute a single content source to many.
  18. 18. Podcast A podcast is a show with episodes. It can be mostly audio . You subscribe and then watch or listen on your computer, or you download episodes into a portable player.
  19. 19. Webinar A webinar is a web seminar. It can be one-way or interactive. You watch it on your computer, or you go to a place where there is an interactive set-up where you can talk back and forth to the lecturer.
  20. 20. Role of a Teacher Encourage students to use ICT gadgets Create user friendly environment
  21. 21. Role of a Teacher Content management Check authenticity and reliability Feedback & Evaluation
  22. 22. Role of a Teacher Encourage students to construct their own ideas Liberty to explore Liberty to do mistakes
  23. 23. Role of a Teacher Share content with teacher community Exchange of ideas Create own blog/school face book account
  24. 24. Role of a Teacher Develop own methodology For teaching themes ,games Local issues
  25. 25. Role of a Teacher Involve community and parents Develop teaching material Flexible approach
  26. 26. Role of a Teacher Imbibe creativity Lateral Thinking Participatory approach
  27. 27. Role of a Teacher Avoid giving undue weightage to technology
  28. 28. Role of a Teacher Teacher himself is a great inspirer & Powerful dynamic resource
  29. 29. Role of a Teacher Medium is not the message
  30. 30. Multimedia Its all power depends upon how you handle it and how you enrich it
  31. 31. Conceived by Dr. Keshav Sathaye