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5 Barriers that Block Salespeople from Hitting Quota


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If you're missing quota, it's your own fault. It's not the fault of your company, industry, prospects, or your comp plan - it's you.

This presentation gives clues for fundamental changes required to hit your number, over and over again.

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5 Barriers that Block Salespeople from Hitting Quota

  1. 1. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Ralph  Barsi  /  April  14,  2016     5  Barriers  that  Block   Salespeople  from  Hi4ng  Quota   #AccelerateQTC  
  2. 2. #AccelerateQTC   Safe  Harbor  Statement   2   #AccelerateQTC  
  3. 3. #AccelerateQTC   •  Frequent  speaker,  writer,  and  teacher  of  sales  development  and  inside  sales   •  Named  by  the  AA-­‐ISP  as  one  of  the  industry’s  most  influenQal  inside  sales  leaders  in  2014  and  2015     •  Rock  drummer  and  family  man,  and  lives  with  his  wife  and  three  boys  in  the  San  Francisco  Bay  Area   Ralph  Barsi,  Senior  Director,  Global  Sales  Development,  ServiceNow   “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” Zen proverb @rbarsi  
  4. 4. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   79%  OF  SAAS  SALES  REPS  MISS  QUOTA     14%  NEVER  EVEN  ACHIEVE  10%  OF  QUOTA     QUOTA  HAS  RISEN  33%  IN  THE  LAST  4  YEARS     REPS  HITTING  QUOTA  HAS  FALLEN  25%       Sources:  SaaS  Benchmark  Report,  Xactly  (2014);    Inside  Sales  Metrics  &  Comp  Report,  The  Bridge  Group  (2015)   FACTS  ABOUT  SALES  QUOTAS   4  
  5. 5. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   #1  OBSCURITY   #2  LACK  OF  FOCUS   #3  INACTIVITY   #4  NO  CONVERSATION  FLOW   #5  FAILURE  TO  KEEP  IMPROVING       *They’re  all  self-­‐imposed   5   THE  5  BARRIERS*  
  6. 6. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   The  state  of  being  unknown,  inconspicuous,  or  unimportant     6   #1  OBSCURITY  
  7. 7. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Help  people  learn  about  you   •  OpQmize  your  social  media  profiles   •  Share  on  LinkedIn,  SlideShare,  Twijer,  Instagram,  YouTube   Use  social  media  as  another  way  to  reach  your  goals   •  Recognize  your  customers,  prospects,  and  team   •  Use  hashtags  and  tags  to  expand  your  reach   •  Stay  in  the  stream   Hustle  unPl  you  no  longer  have  to  introduce  yourself   •  Contribute  more  value  than  you  consume   •  Teach  others  what  you’ve  learned   •  Earn  a  reputaQon  of  service  for  others,  for  your  customers  and  industry   HOW  TO  OVERCOME  OBSCURITY   7  
  8. 8. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   #2  LACK  OF  FOCUS   8   If  you  chase  two  rabbits,  they  will  both  escape.  
  9. 9. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Actually  write  down  your  goals   •  Consider  the  outcomes  you  want   •  Make  them  measureable,  keep  them  visible,  be  accountable   Own  your  day  (or  it  will  own  you)   •  Work  on  no  more  than  3  wildly  important  projects  at  a  Qme   •  Reach  people  you  must  speak  to,  as  well  as  people  you  must  hear  from   •  Do  what  must  be  done  today,  no  majer  what  –  work  the  prioriQes   Measure  your  progress  –  daily,  weekly,  quarterly  (think  “x  to  y  by  when”)   •  Know  where  the  #’s  need  to  be  by  when,  then  work  backwards   •  Pin  notes  to  your  monitor,  schedule  alerts  in  your  calendar   •  Build  an  individual  dashboard  in  your  CRM  –  stay  in  your  own  lane   HOW  TO  FOCUS   9  
  10. 10. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   #3  INACTIVITY   10   Don’t  just  do  something,  stand  there!  
  11. 11. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Make  outbound  prospecPng  an  acPvity,  like  fishing   •  Don’t  expect  prospects  to  just  appear  –  work  hard  to  ajract  them  to  you     •  OpQmize  all  your  tools  &  resources  (CRM,  sales  intel,  dialers,  auto-­‐emails,  etc.)   Calendar  your  prospecPng  &  daily  work   •  Use  the  “bookends  approach”  to  your  weeks  –  every  minute  counts   •  Mondays  &  Fridays  =  admin  days,  internal  meeQngs;  Tues-­‐Thurs  =  phones!   Pick  up  the  damn  phone   •  ConversaQons  =  relaQonships  =  pipeline  =  sales  =  referrals   •  What  you  put  into  your  work  is  exactly  what  you’ll  get  out  of  it   Every  disappointment  in  your  life  is  a  result  of  not  taking  enough  acPon   •  Business  leader,  Grant  Cardone,  said  that…   HOW  TO  BECOME  ACTIVE   11  
  12. 12. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   #4  NO  CONVERSATION  FLOW   12   The  Police   With  one  breath,  with  one  flow,  you  will  know  synchronicity  
  13. 13. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Make  the  conversaPon  about  them   •  I  challenge  you  to  not  menQon  your  company’s  product  in  that  first  call   •  Leverage  sales  intelligence  to  know  when  it’s  Qme  to  engage   Consider  every  detail  of  your  messaging   •  From  email  subject  lines  to  voicemails  to  emails  to  in-­‐person,  know  your  rap   •  Keep  your  wriQngs  brief,  concise,  and  acQonable   Have  the  same  conversaPon  over  and  over,  to  build  momentum   •  Talk  to  the  same  Qtles,  areas  in  the  territory,  &  verQcals  at  one  Qme   Ask  open-­‐ended  quesPons   •  Is  this  a  good  Qme  to  talk?  “No.”  Now  what?   •  Are  you  currently  using  a  product  like  ours?  “Yes.”  Now  what?   HOW  TO  ESTABLISH  FLOW   13  
  14. 14. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   #5  FAILURE  TO  IMPROVE   14   If  we  did  things  we  are  capable  of,  we  would  astound   ourselves   Thomas  Edison  
  15. 15. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   AnPcipate  plateaus   •  Raise  your  standards.  Change  your  beliefs.  Create  new  strategies.   Sales  leaders:  Surround  yourselves  with  winners  and  serve  their  teams   •  Recognize  your  team,  get  to  know  them  personally,  help  them  develop   •  Show  your  team  the  many  great  paths  their  careers  can  take   Sales  reps:  Stay  in  the  present  and  master  the  role  you’re  in  right  now   •  Embrace  the  grind,  learn  as  if  you  need  to  teach  someone  else   •  Work  to  improve  yourself  1%  a  day   •  Skills  you  master  today  will  get  used  deep  into  your  career   WAYS  TO  CONTINUOUSLY  IMPROVE   15  
  16. 16. #AccelerateQTC                      @rbarsi   Ralph  Barsi  /  April  14,  2016     THANK  YOU!   #AccelerateQTC