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Schema, Semantic Search & Rich Snippets - Pubcon 2014


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Carrie Hill's presentation from Pubcon 2014 on Semantic Search, Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

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Schema, Semantic Search & Rich Snippets - Pubcon 2014

  1. 1. Semantic Web, Knowledge Graph & Other Changes to SERPS Carrie Hill Co-Founder @CarrieHill Twitter @CarrieHill +
  2. 2. Schema is a Vocabulary – Not the ONLY vocabulary – Easy to Implement & Understand – Accepted where it counts to small business • Google, Bing, Pinterest, etc. Twitter @CarrieHill +
  3. 3. Take the Actions that Matter What affects the Knowledge Graph? What Makes your Listings Stand out from YOUR crowd? What attracts/assures your audience/customer? Twitter @CarrieHill +
  4. 4. Take the Actions that Matter What affects the Knowledge Graph? Think Like your Customer – Then Mark it up What do you do? Where are you located? How do I contact you? What are your reviews? Twitter @CarrieHill +
  5. 5. Take the Actions that Matter What do you do Where are you located What is your phone number? Do your Customers like you? Twitter @CarrieHill +
  6. 6. Take the Actions that Matter What Makes Your Search Engine Result Stand Out? What Attracts your Customers? Great Reviews – sometimes, but rarely in the Google SERPS. Does show in the Knowledge graph Upcoming Events – Great snippet that shows up in the results Videos – Occasionally video markup will result in a rich snippet, but not as often as in the past Recipes – Still do VERY well in SERPS – and other sites. Pinterest for example. Twitter @CarrieHill +
  7. 7. Weird? Twitter @CarrieHill +
  8. 8. Speaking of Actions Site Search in SERPS rolled out in Early September Pros:  Fairly Easy for a Novice to Configure  Forces more sites to add site search, which they should already have.  Allows you to refine your potential customer’s query right in Google  Your Competitors might not be doing it Cons:  Your competitors are already doing it More Info on Configuring this on your website: Twitter @CarrieHill +
  9. 9. ……And More Actions Actions Markup Introduced in April of 2014 RSVP within Email, Open link in an App, Listen to Music Twitter @CarrieHill +
  10. 10. My Schema/Rich Snippet Wish List Business Service Area – Yes please! Twitter @CarrieHill +
  11. 11. My Schema/Rich Snippet Wish List Projects – Business Events? Twitter @CarrieHill +
  12. 12. Thanks Questions? Comments? I’d love to connect – find me on: Google+ = Twitter @CarrieHill +