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Periodic Table Presentation


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Families of the Periodic Table

Published in: Education
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Periodic Table Presentation

  1. 1. What Do You Know About The Periodic Table?
  2. 2. How is it organized? What are groups? What are periods? What are families?
  3. 3. Alkalai Metals Group IA Sodium
  4. 4. Group IIA Alkaline Earth Metals Calcium
  5. 5. Transition Metals
  6. 6. Lanthanides & Actinides Lanthanide Actinide
  7. 7. The “Long” Periodic Table
  8. 8. Metalloids Boron Tellurium
  9. 9. Halogens Group 7A Bromine
  10. 10. Group 8A Noble Gases Krypton
  11. 11. Let’s Review
  12. 12. Lead (Pb) is found in what family? A. Transition Elements B. Alkalai Metals C. Noble Gases D. Alkaline Earth Metals A. Transition Elements
  13. 13. Group 1A is also called? A. Metalloids B. Halogens C. Alkalai Metals D. Transition Elements C. Alkalai Metals
  14. 14. Which of the following set of elements are all noble gases? A. Cl, Fl, & Ne B. Ar, Ne, & He C. Be, B, & Ar D. He, Kr, & Mg B. Ar, Ne, & He
  15. 15. All Actinides are… A. Alkaline Earth Metals B. Group IA Elements C. Radioactive D. Halogens C. Radioactive
  16. 16. Calcium (Ca) & Magnesium (Mg) are both found in this family. A. Lanthanides B. Noble Gases C. Alkaline Earth Metals D. Group 8A C. Alkaline Earth Metals
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