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Link Building Reporting


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Discussing link building reporting

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Link Building Reporting

  1. 1. The problem with link building It’s not about the links.@JustinRBriggs
  2. 2. @JustinRBriggs
  3. 3. Searches  content   behind  links!   Page  with     outbound  links  @JustinRBriggs
  4. 4. Searches  the  content   behind  the  links  @JustinRBriggs
  5. 5. Nega%ve  ROI  to  start  @JustinRBriggs
  6. 6. A  long  payback  @JustinRBriggs
  7. 7. More  immediate  posi%ve  ROI  @JustinRBriggs
  8. 8. Low  upfront  cost  @JustinRBriggs
  9. 9. Content  wins  long  term  @JustinRBriggs
  10. 10. @JustinRBriggs
  11. 11. Value  decays  over  %me  @JustinRBriggs
  12. 12. Content  wins  earlier  @JustinRBriggs
  13. 13. @JustinRBriggs
  14. 14. Sharp  drop  in  value  @JustinRBriggs
  15. 15. Content  wins  big  long-­‐term  @JustinRBriggs
  16. 16. Paid  link  ROI  goes  to  crap  @JustinRBriggs
  17. 17. Take  a  closer  look  @JustinRBriggs
  18. 18. Paid  s%ll  exceeds  content  @JustinRBriggs
  19. 19. Cost  s%ll  lower  @JustinRBriggs
  20. 20. Not  a  “bad”  investment  @JustinRBriggs
  21. 21. @JustinRBriggs
  22. 22. Rapid  growth  early  @JustinRBriggs
  23. 23. Investment  hits  posi%ve   ROI  earlier  @JustinRBriggs
  24. 24. Content  tac%cs  survive  @JustinRBriggs
  25. 25. @JustinRBriggs
  26. 26. @JustinRBriggs
  27. 27. @JustinRBriggs
  28. 28. @JustinRBriggs
  29. 29. Most pages on site What Is This? Doesn’t really share anchors with rest of site@JustinRBriggs
  30. 30. They acquired a pre-owned domain and 301 redirected to a subpage.@JustinRBriggs
  31. 31. @JustinRBriggs