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How and why to edit wikipedia


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A 15 minute session presented during Open Access Week 2014 at University of Canberra on Monday 20 October 12:30-1:00 Project Room 3 (1C77 - Student Commons)

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How and why to edit wikipedia

  1. 1. How and why to edit Wikipedia James Neill Assistant Professor Centre for Applied Psychology University of Canberra #OAWeek2014 Image source:
  2. 2. Wikipedia – An investment for your future; your children's future Image source: 4:09 mins
  3. 3. Wikimedia Foundation Sister projects ●Wikipedia ●Wikiversity ●Wikibooks ●Wiki Commons ●Wikinews ●Wikiquotes ●Wikispecies etc. Wikimedia Foundation logo Image source:
  4. 4. Why edit Wikipedia? ● Share your expertise ● Network with other experts ● Build online social identity for your: – Self – Department – University – Region ● “Easy” way to volunteer Why would you edit?
  5. 5. How to edit Wikipedia? ● Create an account – Real name or a screen name – Accounts are global, so you'll also edit Wikiversity, Wikibooks, etc. ● Create a user page (optional) – Your user page is a good place to practice editing, if you're unsure ● Watchlist articles of interest ● Start by improving existing articles
  6. 6. Wikipedia editing basics ● Edit & Save (with edit summary) ● Bold, Italics, Underline ● Headings ● Links – internal and external ● Inserting images ● Working with tables ● Citations ● Wikipedia editing basics: – –
  7. 7. Open Office Impress ● This presentation was made using Open Office Impress. ● Free and open source software. ●