Apps for Reluctant Writer's


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Apps for Reluctant Writer's

  1. 1. Apps for Reluctant Writers
  2. 2. • Like the reading process the writing process requires a variety of integrated skill sets.• When were asking students to write we need to appreciate that the task may difficult for many students due to limited processing abilities, fine motor skill problems, etc.• Good news – there’s an app for that!
  3. 3. Strip Designer• $2.99• Good for all students and non students! It’s a lot of fun and very user friendly. Could be a very good motivator and idea generator with the pictures, stickers, and bubbles. Helpful for students with limited fine motor skills.• Could be used as a reference sheet, sequencing, demonstrating knowledge of certain science topics, and so many others.• Demo or Video
  4. 4. Pictello• $14.99• Good for students with limited fine motor skills, problems generating ideas and students with lower level reading ability.• Could be used to create picture stories on any topic either for students or by students, for journaling, oral testing and creating photo albums• Demo or Video
  5. 5. Writer’s Toolbox• $3.99• Good for students needing help with idea generation, writing process, spelling, grammar, etc. Caution – need to have well developed reading skills.• Great for junior high! Students can use it individually or the teacher can use it to assist the class with considerations for their writing. Gives spelling/grammar reminders that could be shown on LCD. Even has scenario builder for writing prompt days.• Demo or video
  6. 6. Instant Poetry• $1.99• Choose theme and get a word bank - just like magnetic poetry!• Great for generating ideas for kids with mechanical issues.• Could be used for kids who are creative but don’t have a way of expressing themselves.• Can even add picture as a backdrop. Can email out or save as jpg.• Demo or video
  7. 7. Who did what• Strip Designer: Mandy (Tracy) Banfield• Pictello: Lacey Cyr• Writer’s Toolbox: Stephanie Bailey• Instant Poetry: Gerri d’Entremont