Odyssey Characters Part 1


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Odyssey Characters Part 1

  2. 2. ODYSSEUS• Roman name Ulysses• King of Ithaca• Known for his intelligence• Returning home from the Trojan War
  3. 3. CIRCE•Sorceress•Turns Odysseus’ meninto swine•Romantically involvedwith Odysseus•Detains him for 1 year
  4. 4. CALYPSO• Romantically involved with Odysseus• Held him captive on her island for 7 years
  5. 5. POSEIDON• Greek god of the sea
  6. 6. ZEUS• Supreme ruler of the gods
  7. 7. AEOLUS• Keeper of the winds• Gives Odysseus a sack of all the winds that will keep him from home
  8. 8. ATHENA• Greek goddess of wisdom & just war• Assists Odysseus during his journey home
  9. 9. SIRENS• Half-bird, half- woman• Their song lures men to their deaths• Cause men to crash their ships into the rocks
  10. 10. CICONES• Ambushed by Odysseus’ men
  11. 11. TELEMACHUS• Son of Odysseus• Helps Odysseus kill the suitors