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Mrs pilgreen bts letter 2015 honors


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BTS 2015 English I Honors

Published in: Education
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Mrs pilgreen bts letter 2015 honors

  1. 1. WELCOME To Mrs. Pilgreen’s English I Honors Class !I hope to see everyone at Open House ,In the meantime please review the enclosed information and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. Mrs. Pilgreen
  2. 2. :Visit the Classroom Website at • Class Syllabus • Teacher Contact Information • PDF files of Most Assignments • Daily Assignments and Homework • Photos of Student Work and Activities
  3. 3. CLASSROOM SUPPLIES LIST Please have the following supplies by the second week of school. 5 Subject Notebook (Index Cards (any color) Composition Book Highlighters (2 or more colors) Post-Its Pencil Pouch (recommended) The following are appreciated, :but not required. Kleenex Glue Bottles
  4. 4. Sign up for Text or Email Reminders and Announcements with Visit for More Information
  5. 5. PARENT SURVEY Please take a moment to complete the online parent survey. This will help me get to know your child ,better and will give you the opportunity to share your ,thoughts ,insights and contact preferences. The information you provide will remain confidential. It will not be shared with other teachers or district personnel unless specifically requested by the parent. GtbMeveg4jQ9JS5BdRmZmwHMjhmnrdnS 26eX0/viewform?usp=send_form