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How To Be Awesome On Slideshare



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How To Be Awesome On Slideshare

  1. @jessedee How to be awesome on slideshare
  2. Live presentation + q&a Friday February 18th 1:00 pm est 10:00 am pst
  3. wha t’s so great a bout s lideshare?
  4. H ow it began
  5. Have a killer title & openi ng slide
  6. simple + bold
  7. Make It About Your Audience
  8. kEEP IT short & SWEET
  9. 2-4 min
  10. Add a call to action
  11. what do i click on now?
  12. buy The app that doesn’t suck! Includes 3 awesome presentations click here to download
  13. Reply to comments & say thanks
  14. Track Who’s Sharing & Talking
  15. Upg rade to pro
  16. grow your fol lower base
  17. Update frequently
  18. zipcast it
  19. Get feedback, answer questions, improve your presentation
  20. Upload in PDF format
  21. ma ke it downl oad able
  22. dig yo ur well befor e you’re t hirsty
  24. Recap 1. Have a killer title & opening slide 2. Make It About Your Audience 3. Make It Short & Sweet 4. Reply to Comments & Say Thanks 5. Track Who's Sharing & Talking 6. Upgrade to Pro 7. Build Your Followers 8. zipcast it 9. Update Frequently 10. Upload in PDF 11. make it Downloadable 12. Upload in PDF format & Make it Downloadable 13. dig your well before you’re thirsty 14. dESIGN, DON’T JUST SLAP SOMETHING TOGETHER
  25. what you can do now: get email updates comment on this presentation @jessedee follow me on twitter
  26. thank you