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Marketing Challenge: Can We Profit From Povery?


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I made this presentation as a call to action for marketers to get involved in the fight against poverty. Not by "donating more" (though this never hurts) yet by helping to figure out business models which makes it possible to do good and make money. Imho this is the only way "serious money" will go to poverty alleviation.

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Marketing Challenge: Can We Profit From Povery?

  1. 1. FUTURE LAB Marketing Challenge: Can We Profit from Poverty
  2. 2. Over 1 billion people have to survive on less than $1 a day FUTURE LAB
  3. 3. We all agree this is wrong, which is why many donate when and where they can. FUTURE LAB
  4. 4. Yet charity (and guilt) have their limits … <ul><li>Would you leave your job for “real work” in Africa </li></ul><ul><li>Would you allow your pension fund to go “all out” in helping South American farmers? </li></ul>FUTURE LAB
  5. 5. Al Gore showed us the colour of money was green. Now poverty needs a business model with a clear ROI FUTURE LAB
  6. 6. “ Proof of Concept” exists
  7. 7. What is needed now is “scale” and “capital” Peru’s poor own $65-70 billion in assets. Anyone playing? FUTURE LAB
  8. 8. Marketers of the world unite ... Build the business case for poverty FUTURE LAB
  9. 9. GROW THE MOVEMENT Analyse the Data Find the Insights Write Reports Present Blog Tag your Friends Comment Spread the Word FUTURE LAB
  10. 10. Every day, tens of thousands die because of bad marketing. Let’s stop it FUTURE LAB