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40 More Slides + Memorable Quotes from Cannes Lions 2010

part 2.

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40 More Slides + Memorable Quotes from Cannes Lions 2010

  1. 40 more slides + m from smart peo emorable quotes ple in advertising
  2. The Cann es Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF ) is a global festival for those e working in adve rtising and related fields. Th of seven-day festiva l, incorporating the awarding the Lions awards, is held yearly at the Palais de ia Fest ivals in Cannes,France. - Wikiped
  3. There’s heaps of really cool talks from the smartest people in advertising I was lucky to be there...
  4. ing notes & and tak r you. photos fo That’s me and Ben Stiller
  5. see, this is my d* hote l room be *Yup, im a geek, I skipped out on French Riviera beaching and parties and pretty much went to all the seminars
  6. o f the best ome... mpilation train back h I made a coes on the lo oking slid his presentation th ey are in t It got lots of views This one is not as ‘pretty’ but has some additional slides + some memorable quotes from the speakers (hope you like it)
  7. “Brands used to be terrified of opening themselves up to social media, because they expected a storm of negative comments… But just imagine how powerful it is that there are people out there who care enough about your brand to give you free feedback, and advice about how to improve it. Brands are having to learn to listen.” Matt Ross - Tribal DDB The Meek Have Inherited The Earth
  8. “What we are seeing is the replacement of life-streaming with mobile social interactions on sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. Over the next few years, these will be superseded by geo- social networks, and the inclusion of a person’s location will make possible highly refined targeting.” Allan Blair – Tribal DDB
  9. “The internet was originally about sharing and communication. But as technology evolved, it has had a way of isolating us. Now we’re getting addicted to sharing and reaching out to each other once again” Laura McFarlane, SapientNitro
  10. “[brand] loyalty is an illusion. Instead, we buy into recommendations [via social networks].” Nathaniel Perez, SapientNitro
  11. ’ are Happy er cool ‘Shmachine The sup vending icecream
  12. “Money doesn’t make you happy, but happiness makes you live longer” discussing the Unilever’s Heartbrand icecream mission to incorporate happiness into their marketing strategy. Ian Maskell, Global Marketing Director, Unilever
  13. e he machin Stats from t
  14. “Agencies are struggling and it has nothing to do with the the economic crisis, They are struggling to reinvent themselves because in order to survive in the digital world, they are going to have to reverse everything they know. Push is now pull, monologue is now dialogue and image is now all about authenticity. Plus, consumers now act as brands’ moral compass and they increasingly co-author the stories brands’ tell.”
  15. “Success is increasingly determined by the quality of the listening and this is something that brands are currently better at than agencies. Agencies need to become day- traders in social emotion, because technology is teaching us to be human and empathetic again.” Simon Mainwaring - Mainwaring Creative
  16. “What we are finding increasingly in developing countries is that the best innovations often do not come from the western world… We have to recognise where the relevance and expertise is and give it every chance we can.” Alec Ross, senior advisor for innovation at the office of the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton
  17. “They are already thinking about personal care and wellness, so this can be a good moment to advertise health-related products,” Observing that the first thing people do after they stop training is check their mobile for messages. Eric Bader, Chief Strategy Officer Worldwide, Initiative
  18. “It’s no contest; brands integration is the right way to go. Ultimately it cuts out the middleman. Because many times, the content provider never gets to see the advertising dollars” Nick Cannon, rapper/actor, and chairman of youth TV network Teen Nick
  19. “I don’t know if there is research on whether comedy is better in 3D” Ben Stiller
  20. “Almost any product is better when it is based around personalisation, and the internet is becoming more personalised and personalisable… It’s down to a major shift in attitudes by Facebook users. Six years ago, people were scared of putting personal details on the site, but now most of them put a lot of information on there. There’s always going to be some tension between the need to control personal information by individuals. But that’s an ongoing dialogue, which is part of a world that is moving towards greater transparency.” Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook
  21. “We believe that the majority of a campaign budget should be used on creativity rather that buying media exposure.” Barry Wacksman, Chief Growth Officer R/GA
  22. “Consumers are much more interested in their own lives than they are in brands. And they are much more interested in brand than they are in the advertising of the brands. The way to take advantage of that was not through he traditional areas where creatives sought ideas; focusing on a product or the corporate image of the client. Instead, look at “how brands fit into consumers’ lives.” Malcom Hunter, chief strategy officer for Aegis Media
  23. “Without Audacity, there is no life in advertising.” Yoko Ono
  24. “[our mission] to produce the most talked-about, written-about advertising in the world… from day one we had people who would die to make ideas live.” Chuck Porter, chief strategist at MDC Partners and co-chairmen, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  25. “Definitions and classifications don’t apply any more” in reference to the rigid practice of allocating 80% of a budget to distribution channels and 20% to creativity Maarten Albarba, VP, Global Connections Anheuser-Bush InBev
  26. There you have it, a few more slides + quotes from Cannes Lions 2010. I came back with a suitcase full of stuff so i’ll be back with more in a bit. You can watch some video highlights here: ...and if you’re interested in working together gimme a tweet @jessedee thanks :)