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  1. 1. Dreamweaver• This program is cutting-edge as a HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications. It allows easy HTML coding and designing.As I am new to website creating the easy-to-use panelfeature will give me invaluable help. 
As an Adobe product it will work injunction with
  2. 2. PhotoshopThis is the key product in image manipulation; my knowledge of this product isquite broad and I am quite comfortable in designing a product of a high standard.As I need to create visual design elements of my website. The Save-for-webfeature optimises imaging for web display, creating a smaller image which will helpthe load of my website.The product also allows for creating Background/resize image to desiredsize(Virtual mb/Visual)/memory perspective.
  3. 3. MacMac is optimisied for creating high-quality products especially within the mediaindustry; with Dreamweaver and Photoshop initially designed for Mac it will helpme with the efficiency of using the product and using my time.
  4. 4. USBIn order to transfer work between home and school I will need to be able to use aUSB which will further optimise my time-usage as I will have further opportunitiesto tramp on my work.
  5. 5. CameraThe DSLR is designed for cutting edge professional capturing, this will undoubtedlyhelp me create a professional product. The camera operates a powerful zoom lens tocreate sleek and professional images which I will optimise in making background andcontent for my website.However, the simplicity of the Coolpix makes photography an ease in which I can takeshots which do not require much technical skills.
  6. 6. The video camera enables an easily set up zoom, high quality and quick up load, essential to creating a product of exceptional quality, when teamed with Final Cut Express the quality of my product will be of the highest standard. Final Cut ExpressThe product includes special features such as design elements;special effects and an all round easier way to make a high qualityfilm product.