Video of screen recording


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Video of screen recording

  1. 1. Video of Screen RecordingIntroduction to Camtasia
  2. 2. Instructional Videos With ScreenRecording Video capture tools allow users to capture their activities on the screen and save them for viewing later. Popular applications include recording actions onscreen, capturing Internet broadcasts, or creating replay videos of PC gaming.
  3. 3. There are different softwares.. Camtesia Studio – Create and share training videos, presentations, and screencasts. Developed by Tech Smith. Works with Windows and Macs. Debut Video Capture Software Professional - Capture Webcams, Internet video broadcasts, screen movements and save it as AVI or WMV files. Lite Cam - Capture videos, screen activity, and gameplay featuring webcam PiP recording BSR Screen Recorder – Capture video of your desktop activities Ziggy TV - Watch and download videos, free movies, mp3 music and live TV shows.
  4. 4. Camtasia’s functions1.Allows you to produce a video.2.Produce web camera recording.3.Audio capture.4.Onscreen capture of a PowerPoint presentation.Camtasia Studio includes a simple video editing application that allowsyou to edit the recorded images, add additional video or stillimages, add new audio overlays and music, you can pan and zoominto areas of your screen capture to ensure that your audience isfocusing on the information that is important.Once you have your edited video production completed you are readyto produce it in a format that you can deliver to your audience. Youhave a wide choice of formats as well as some quick post functions toInternet like TechSmith’s Screencast, or YouTube. Then it is easy toincorporate the video once it is on the web into your web pages.
  5. 5. Video Capture Features• Record video directly to your hard drive• Record video in many video file formats including avi, wmv, flv, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov and more• Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or a video input device (e.g., VHS recorder)• Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion• Digital zoom with the mouse scroll wheel, and drag to scroll the recording window.• Zoom-to-mouse feature focuses the recording window on the cursor• Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor• Record video alone or video and audio simultaneously• Record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously, ideal for recording video conferences• Time lapse video recording• Create photo snapshots of a video at any time• Add your own text captions or time stamp your video• Change color settings and video effects before recording• Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture• Ability to burn directly to DVD• Works to stream over the internet
  6. 6. Use Camtasia to… Record your screen to capture PowerPoint slides, softwaredemos, web-pages, and more. Edit your screen recordings and camera video by cutting,splicing, and combining clips with the powerful, yet easy to use,video editor Import camera video, music, photos, and more to trulyenhance your screen recordings. Customize your screen recordings and videos with ready-to-use media themes, animated backgrounds, graphics, callouts,and more. Create interactive videos with clickable links, table ofcontents, search, and more. Easily share videos that your viewers can watch anywhere, on nearly any device
  7. 7. Camtasia for… Business – webinars, instructional videos, interactive PPT presentations, conferences Education- widely used by professors at colleges, and teachers to produce remote lectures, conferences.With Camtasia Studio, you can quickly create tutorials,articles, even full length how-to CDs, podcasts, Power Pointpresentations, and short movies.
  8. 8. Camtasia is easy… And unlike other video production methods, with CamtasiaStudio, you dont need cameras, lights, or other videoequipment. All you need is Camtasia Studio, your computer, and amicrophone. In many cases, you can create a Camtasia studioproduction and have it up on your web site in under tenminutes. Business The retail cost of this product is $299.00, educational and volume discounts are available Business as well. It is available for both Windows and Mac. If you want to try it out you can download a trial version