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Front cover


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Front cover

  1. 1. Front CoverPlanning and feeback
  2. 2. Initial name ideasI tried to think of quirky, relevant regional names and then try a small subjectgroup of 25 people predominantly 15-20 year olds and of a ABC1 socialbackground, in-keeping with my target audience. I asked my group to chooseeither their favourite name or offer their own idea. ‘By ‘Eck’ was the clearfavourite with 13/25 votes due to its “fun”, “colloquial” and “youth-like” style.
  3. 3. Initial draftI tried to use quite a conventionalstyle incorporating the traditionalmasthead at the top and a mainimage whilst also attempting tosubvert some of the conventionsby creating an untidy, childishquality with the unevensubheading to create a friendlyimage and also further appealingto my target audience.
  4. 4. 1st stage issues.The image I had chosen both I, and mypeers, felt was far too dark andbecame grainy when I attempted toadjust this. Fortunately I ran into thisproblem early so I have plenty of timein order to rectify this and still stay onschedule.
  5. 5. First draftI issued this around my school andonline, asking for feedback. On the wholepeople liked the house colours ofblue, grey and limited-red while alsofeeling that the smoke effect at the topadded a texture to the page and makes itstand out more.Some of the suggested alterations were:-• Changing the tagline colour to make it stand out further.• Changing the placement of the ‘free’ and perhaps making it stand out more currently some felt it was just ‘placed’ on and not really incorporating into the page.• Moving the image further into the middle.