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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. What is your gender? I attempted to ask both genders upon their opinions so I get a mixture and accurate range of results. Unfortunately I could not find many women but I think the number of women I did ask ensure this is not biased. However, the main market for music magazines are male, thus the slight dominance of my results might stand beneficial.
  2. 2. What is your age? The main readership of music magazines are predominately teenagers so thus I aimed my questionnaire at that age- range. I did, however, add some variation as I hope that my magazine will also reach audiences that are outside my target market.
  3. 3. What is your favourite genre of music? The most popular type chosen is indie, this indicates that the most popular of music magazine would be of that genre. Rock is a fairly close second but the rock-genre has a number of magazines catering to that genre whereas indie I feel has a niche.
  4. 4. Do you buy magazines regularly (At least once a month)? Due to media convergence buying magazines has gone to a downward spiral but as shown, almost half of my audience asked still buy magazines, so this reaffirms their stance in the media market.
  5. 5. -If yes, do you have a subscription? As 38% do have a subscription I think this is a vital part of a magazine brand. Their continued buying of the magazine may waver if not subscribed and also the convenience aspect has strong favours with the readership.
  6. 6. Would you be more likely to buy amagazine if a free gift was included? The free gift would boost readership by a lot it seems. Many free gifts given are to the magazines as a form of advertising for the gift company, and thus would essentially cost the magazine nothing. Those who indicated no would not necessarily be put off by the free gift, so I do not see any indication as to why there should not be a free gift included.
  7. 7. What would you prefer as the maincontent of a music magazine?As many believe reviews should be the main content of a magazine Ifeel it appropriate to use this as the basis for my two page spread. Theopen ended answers came back primarily as news and fashion, whichI do not feel should be the main content but perhaps fillers for themagazine. There is limited scope for the reviews as there are not newalbums released every week, so this many be impacted upon by thecirculation of my magazine.
  8. 8. Do bright colours or a sleek, stylishimage attract you more? This will affect the decision I make regarding the style of my magazine. Conventionally, magazines are crowded with bright images however, the results I have collected show that the trend is moving for a more stylish image, this may work in my favour, especially with the indie category which was proven to be well received earlier.
  9. 9. What would the maximum cost be thatyou would be willing to pay? The majority voted for £2-£2.99 which indicates towards the BC1 social class which could be influenced by the audience I asked, however, due to my asking of my target audience I feel this works in my favour. I am now aware of what people are more willing to pay and will be able to use this data to be able to make my magazine more accessible to consumers and my target market.
  10. 10. How often should a magazine becirculated? Fortnightly is the favourite, this is ideal in terms of having enough time to create a magazine to a high standard, the content of the magazine and also to charge the price specified by the people asked. Due to people specifying reviews to be the main content perhaps fortnightly might be a too tight of a scale so further planning may have to be involved in this issue.
  11. 11. What colour scheme do you prefer? Black and white fits with the sleek image approved earlier in the questionnaire results, however, I believe this to be quite dull so I may link this with the also popular neon-blue and white option so the magazine doesn’t slip through unnoticed.