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Clipster is the world’s precursor and expert in video marketing solutions for YouTube and other platforms. Leading brands & agencies worldwide use Clipster to create, manage and monitor custom gadgets and so maximize their marketing efforts on YouTube.

Clipster was founded in 2012 by Dutch industry veterans Bram & Loek Wermenbol and Peter Sinke. Along with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals they managed to become the first European company to receive the prestigious title of Google Engagement Solution Developer in its first year.

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  1. 1. Boostyourbrand onYouTube Thecompletesolutionforbrandsandagenciesto create,manage&monitorcompellingandeffective customgadgetsforbrandchannelsonYouTube.
  2. 2. 2 Standard Channel 85% Brand channel with custom gadget 15% Best200ChannelsbyViews Theriseofcustom YouTubegadgets TheTop200leadingbrandsareprovingtheeffectivenessof YouTubeasacriticalpartoftheirmarketingandbusiness strategy. Already15%ofthemmakeuseofgadgetsontheirYouTube brandchannels.Thisshowsthattopmarketershaveakeen awarenessoftheirstrongestchannelsandareworkingto optimizethebrandinganduserexperience.
  3. 3. 3 Boostyourbrand onYouTube Clipster is the world’s precursor and specialist in video marketing solutions for YouTube and other platforms. Leading brands & agencies worldwide use Clipster to create, manage and monitor custom gadgets and so maximize their marketing efforts on YouTube. Videos watched per visitor Total video views Watch time Subscriptions to your channel Conversions Increase
  4. 4. 4 Keyfeatures *As allowed by YouTube Create, manage & monitor custom YouTube gadgets Maximize branding with groundbreaking creative freedom Increase watch time, video views, conversions & subscriptions Start conversations with your audience for maximum engagement Quick to launch without the need of coding (cut IT costs) Make changes while your campaign is running In-depth Analytics allow you to adapt to trends quickly Run multi-channel campaigns (YouTube, Facebook, website) Quick start with optional pre-designed templates Extend your brand experience with advanced components Offer customized localized content Optimize for display on multiple devices using responsive design Centralized assets management & different access levels All supported by your own dedicated account manager
  5. 5. 5 Creativefreedom Withitsleadingcreationtool,Clipster providesyouwithgroundbreaking creativefreedomwhencreatinga customYouTubegadget. Nocodingisrequired,draganddropcomponentswith tonsofeditingoptionsinClipster’s‘bestintheindustry’ editorhelpsyoucreatethemostcompellingdesigns easily.Fromasimplepagetoamulti-pagesetupfor multiplecountries.
  6. 6. 6 Advanced Components Yourvisitorswillexperienceyourbrandtothe fullestwithouradvancedcomponents. Createauniqueuserexperience,extendyour YouTubechannelwithrichinteractivefeatures. • Cover flow: adding a video carrousel • Countdown: adding a countdown for a live stream or release date • Map: create pins to display videos on a map 5 days 22 hours 12 minutes 10 seconds
  7. 7. 7 Socialengagement Clipsterallowsyoutointeractwithyourvisitorsinmanydifferentways.Makevisitorsyourbrandadvocates andletthemhelpyoureachyourgoalsfasterbyspreadingyourcontentvirally.Maximizeyoursocial engagementwiththeSocialConversationcomponentandothersocialoptions. SocialConversation Startcross-platformconversationswithyour audienceonyourchannel. Othersocialoptions • Connect your social channels • Easy to share content • Implement social channel feeds • Implement your blog
  8. 8. 8 Geotargeting Clipstermakesitpossibletocentralizeallyour YouTubemarketingeffortsononechannel. Createspecificpagesfortheregionsyouwanttotarget.Tailored contentwillmaketheuserexperienceevenmoreintenseand helpsconversionratesgoup. Clipsterallowsyoutocreatepagesforlanguagesandcountry/lan- guagecombinations.Youdecidehowspecificyouwanttotarget youaudience.
  9. 9. 9 Content management Updatecontentanytime,evenduringarunningcampaign. Youcanmanagepermissionsformultipleuserssolocal officescanmanagetheirowncontent(workflow). • Change content as often as you like • Centralized asset management allows you to manage your videos and imagery • Different access levels per user Campaign management Ifyouhaveseveralcampaignsrunningduringtheyear, Clipsteroffersyouthetoolstomanagetheseeasily.Plan aheadandschedulemultiplecampaignstomatchyour annualmarketingstrategy. • Create new gadget layouts upfront • Schedule releases • Preview collaboration
  10. 10. 10 Analytics Clipster’sindepthreportsgivesyoua bird’seyeviewofhowyourgadgetis performing. Adapttotrends,optimizeyourcampaignand maximizeyourcampaignefforts.Clipsteralso allowsyoutoconnectyourgadgettoyourGoogle Analyticstogetthewholescope.
  11. 11. 11 Templates Makeaquickstartwithoneoftheoptionalpre-designed templates.Wehavemultipletemplatesavailabletogiveyoua headstartinyourdesign.Alltemplatesarefullyadjustableand canbetailoredtoyourspecificwishes.Tomakeiteasyforyou, wealreadysetthemupinaresponsivedesign. Templatesaretheretohelpyou,butaren’trequired.Youcan alwayschoosetomakeauniquesetupofyourown. Multi-channel campaign ClipsteristailoredtocreateamazingcustomgadgetsforYouTube butoptionallyalsoallowsyoutorunamulti-channelcampaign fromonedashboard.Ourversatilesolutionallowsyoutopublish yourcampaigntoFacebook(app)andyourwebsite(widget). www
  12. 12. 12 Additionalservices Clipsterisaself-serviceproduct.TomaximizeyourYouTubemarketingefforts,Clipster offersawiderangeofadditionalservicestofurtherhelpyoureachyourgoals. YouTube brand channel campaign concepts Let our creative & strategic minds help you create an attractive & effective YouTube brand channel concept for a successful campaign. Custom gadget design & implementation Our talented designers are specialized in creating the most compelling designs for your custom YouTube gadget. YouTube brand channel campaign management When you have multiple campaigns during the year and don’t have the time to manage them, let Clipster do it for you. We can design, con- figure and manage all your campaigns for you. Creation of custom components If you have specific wishes, Clipster can build custom components that will be available for you as add-ons in Clipster.
  13. 13. 13 Case:BMWi BMWwantedagadgetthatreflects theuniqueexperienceofdrivinga BMWi. Asuccessfulin-depthexperience withamulti-pagegadgetthat highlightsalltheuniquefeaturesof theBMWiwascreatedto persuadevisitorstobookatest drive.
  14. 14. 14 Case:Rokenbok ForUStoymanufacturerRokenbokYouTubeisoneofthe mostimportantchannelsintheirmarketing&sales strategy.Videoisusednotonlytoinspireviewerswiththe broadrangeofRokenbokproducts,butalsotogenerate sales. AsYouTubeisseenasthemostimportantplatformto distributetheirvideos,RokenbokstartedusingClipsterin August2013toboosttheirmarketing&salesefforts.This ledtosignificantlyimprovedresultsquickly.Notonlyin videoviews,subscribersandwatchtime,butmore importantinthenumberofsalesgeneratedthroughtheir YouTubechannel.
  15. 15. 15 BrandsweboostonYouTube
  16. 16. 16 YouTubefactsandfigures 56Countries 2nd Largest 56 countries post content in 61 languages YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, behind google 60Years More content is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major U.S. Networks generated in the last 60 years 17% 17% of all Internet traffic flows through YouTube 100Hours 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute Hundreds ofMillions YouTube is now being accessed from hundreds of millions devices One Billion More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month Six Billion 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly One Billion One billion daily views come from mobile devices 25% Mobile 25% of views, globally, are from mobile devices
  17. 17. 17 Top100Brands&YouTube Source: Key lessons for success on YouTube - Pixability 2013 Only 1 of the Top 100 Global Brands does not have a YouTube channel. These brands have collectively invested billions of dollars in online video creation. Many of the Top 100 Global Brands fail to reach their audiences because they focus more on video production and less on video marketing. Since YouTube’s launch, the Top 100 Global Brands have published a total of 258,000 videos across 1,378 YouTube channels, attracting over 9.5 billion total views. 56 of the Top 100 Global Brands have 10 or more YouTube channels. YouTube has longer lasting marketing impact than social media for the Top 100 Global Brands. Over 30% of the total aggregate video views occur 12 weeks after publication. Since 2009, video publishing rates on YouTube by the Top 100 Global Brands have increased an average of 73% annually. By 2015, they will likely invest in the production and distribution of over one million newYouTube videos.
  18. 18. Requestademo Wanttotakealookinsideandexperience themagicbehindClipster?Discoverhow Clipstercanhelpyoureachandoptimize yourYouTubemarketingeffortsandhave oneofourteammembersgiveyoua Clipsterdemo. Experienceour: • Leading creation tool • Campaign management • Content management • Experienced and helpful team Ademowilltakeroughly40minutesof yourtime,butwillchangeyourYouTube marketingresultsforever. 19
  19. 19. 20 Contact information FindYourWayInTheWorld Pte Ltd 8 Cross Street, #28-00 PWC Building, Singapore 048424 (+65) 6850 7764 OFFICIAL PARTNER South East Asia