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Question 6


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evaluation queston 6

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Question 6

  2. 2. SOFTWARE
  3. 3. PHOTOSHOP • Photoshop is an extremely powerful application that's used by many professional photographers and designers. It can be used for almost any kind of image editing, such as touching up photos, creating high-quality graphics, and creating and moulding piece of text, sometimes using graphics. • In my time using Photoshop, I edited and cropped photographs to make them suitable for my magazine, I managed text fonts and sizing, I created graphics to lift my magazine up, I wrote entire articles and I have successfully created a competent magazine cover, contents page and article. • Photoshop essentially, like any image-editing program "alters" images like photos, downloaded icons, or scanned artwork.Aside from altering images, Photoshop has a vast array of tools that help you "create" images, text and graphics from scratch.
  4. 4. 1THING I LEARNT FROM PHOTOSHOP• One thing which I learnt from Photoshop was to create layers and differentiate/edit them to make a successful magazine.
  5. 5. • Hyperlink:
  6. 6. InDesign C55 • InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create things like posters, flyers, magazines, newspapers, and books. • In my time using InDesign, I have created text frame, written an entire article using the software, managed large amounts of texts at a time, I have wrapped text around a pre-made Photoshop background and edited a storyline to create a more smooth flowing article. • In essence, InDesign is used for page layout, image editing and creation or image editing.
  7. 7. 1THING I LEARNT FROM InDesign • When using InDesign, I learnt how to write an article and mould it around an existing backdrop I had for it.
  8. 8. • Hyperlink: EXISTING BACKDROP
  9. 9. WORDPRESS.COM • This is my Worpress blog. Using this blog, I have been able to document everything I have done from starting media studies to now. It has given me an irreplaceable source of blogging my pieces for improvement and design choices. Hyperlink:
  10. 10. FIREFOX-BROWSER • This is Mozilla Firefox, the main browser I have used during my time as a media studies student. Firefox offers a lot of control over how it looks and operates. It may be slow at times, but it is easily to customize and you can configure it to the smallest detail. Hyperlink: GB/firefox/new/
  11. 11. HARDWARE
  12. 12. CAMERA • The camera used was a Nikon D3100, a powerful 14.2 megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera with a 18-55mm VR lens, perfect for studio photography sessions, exactly what it has been used for.
  13. 13. LIGHTING EQUIPMENT • Horseshoe FlashTrigger- this sends an Infra red signal sent to Strobe flash which triggers the flash in-sync with the camera shutter to give a good light set –up for the subject being photographed. • Hemisphere 300 Strobe light flash- a dial on back adjusts the output and a modelling light will be turned on. Auxiliary lights are set too (they are triggered in-sync with by built in light sensor.)These are fired when the shutter has been fully pressed, illuminating the subject being photographed.
  14. 14. • Soft Boxes- they are fitted around the hemisphere 300 strobe light flash and they disperse the light and give a softer, rounder light on the subject, so they aren’t dazzled. • Backdrop- it is lit with a further two strobes on full power to create a high exposure, white background to create contrast and highlight the subject.
  15. 15. APPLE iMac • This is anApple iMac, the computer I have been using for my media work. • It is simple- it does not require a tower system or a multitude of wires.The mouse and keyboard can be fitted into the USB ports on the back of the computer. • Pre-installed systems- Iphoto allows you to use one- click photo touch-up tools, Imovie allows you to create video collages using pre-recorded photos and videos and the with GarageBand, your keyboard can be used as an instrument and can record and mix and track/s. • Security- Macs are continually shown to suffer less attacks thanWindows-based PCs. Internet-based attacks are on the rise, and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approaches. For the time being the Mac is still the safest platform availiable.
  16. 16. SD CARD • This is the SD card that was used in the camera. It is a 16GB SanDisk memory card, compatible with a Nikon D3100 camera. It is ideal for a DSLR camera, able to store content effectively in a convenient and affordable way. Its files are easily transferable to the iMac, using a memory card to USB Card Reader, which features a memory card slot to put the card in and then download the files to the computer.
  17. 17. KEYBOARD/MOUSE • This is the Apple iMac keyboard and mouse, the equipment used to select and type items of the iMac computer.
  18. 18. X-serve iMac server • This is the main system that the iMac runs off. It was introduced in 2002,Apple’s first hardware for a server since 1996. It can be used for a variety of applications such as file server, web server and ‘clustering’ applications.