Part 2.5


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Part 2.5

  1. 1. Comments Throughout Development Of Ancillary Products
  2. 2. Changes to CD Front after FeedbackWhen making my products it was very important to make sure that it was what my audience wanted since obviously it isthe target audience who will be buying the product. However it was also down to general intuition and smarts of my ownthat enforced some changed. In the boxes below I have placed key tips from my target audience, all anonymous ofcourse, and my opinion on their opinion.• Draft 1Target Audience “The texture on all both parts of the cover look random and look like they have no purpose.”Brad Linney “I agree with this statement, I placed the textures in to try a different look to what is normal, clearly it didn’t work hence why I changed it. After all it was a first draft!”• Draft 3TA “This looks really bland there’s no effect on the donut shape it makes it look really two dimensional and wouldn’t stand out on a shop shelf, also I can’t see the band name.”BL “I personally thought the donut shape improved it! Each to their own I guess. I was going for a sort of spotlight effect around the band in the centre obviously my target audience didn’t follow my idea. I do agree however with the text issue. I do however think that the green and white went very well together.”• Draft 5TA “Still can’t see the title as well as I should be able to. Perhaps the circle is better as it looks more like a spotlight but I don’t get why the circles brown shouldn’t it be a solid colour? I think you need to consider an alternative, you might be running out of options.”BL “The reason the back part of the circle was brown was to blend nicely with the dark green. I can understand the title, I perhaps should have made it white then it would be perfectly visible. Now for the consider alternatives I was dubious but then I looked at research and realised that my idea was. Incorporating people on cover. Rock albums generally don’t have people on the cover so I went back to the drawing board and created draft 6 and 7 which were two new concepts to my work. I merged them together to create what was draft 8.• Draft 9TA “Well its better than the other design. I still think there is something wrong with it green is not a colour that I would normal see on any shelf regardless of genre.”BL “It never occurred to me until late on making the project that green wasn’t perhaps the best colour to use. However I have changed it now and when the result goes up on the blog I think you’ll find that it more than simply corrects these problems.• Draft 10TA “Have you ever thought that grey isnt the ideal colour for a rock album?”BL “Well I see where this same from, due to the album being useless on a shelf due to no one being able to see it. On this I changed the theme of all the products so now far brighter and look like a set.
  3. 3. CD Front + =
  4. 4. Changes to CD Back after Feedback• Draft 1Target Audience: “I think on the whole this looks very bland, you also have no place to put anything like bar codes or details.”Brad Linney: “Well considering this was my first draft I thought that it was defiantly the best first draft out of the three, after all during my research there were some abysmal looking CD Back’s out there (Billy Idol’s album in particular)”• Draft 2TA: “At least it has a bar code now, Im not a big fan of the photo in the bottom circle, it looks like he’s a rather large whale.”BL: “I had been looking at research and quite a lot of albums simply place a solid black rectangle across the bottom of their CD back to place all the legal information in one place to save having it clash with their background colour, hence I followed the idea. I thought that it actually works very well, I never got any complaints about it. As for Tom’s face I understand, I had the cropping wrong, I corrected it for draft 3.”• Draft 4:TA: “I actually thought it was getting better. The pictures were fine and the colour was tolerable, yet the new colour doesn’t go at all. It clashes with the white. I also don’t know why you have removed the photo’s, although I like the idea of having their name next to where a photo would be.”BL: “So did I. When all was going well, I decided that it would incredibly hard to recreate a music video for Volbeat, hence I changed it to “The Beastie Boy’s” I had to change the theme to be a more rebellious unconventional colour and re film my video hence the absence of the photos.”• Draft 5:TA: “The darker background really goes well, have you considered changing the entire colour scheme to a darker colour? I also like the way the pictures work with the white. I would also consider cropping them again to make sure they are just right.”BL: “This was in the realisation period that green isnt the most user friendly colour to use in a project. I changed it for draft 6. I wish I had done so earlier. I pretty much followed this piece of advice to the letter and I believe that my project looks all the better for it.”• Draft 7:TA: “The circles don’t really go with the back ground. Especially the yellow. Its also interesting how they don’t go very well although they are in the colour wheel next to each other.BL “Those circles called me nothing but problems. Hence remove them. I then used google to learn how to shape text around a circle and place that around the huge giant circle in the middle. Problem solved, removed, improved!
  5. 5. CD Rear
  6. 6. Changes to the Poster after Feedback• Draft 1Target Audience: “Well, erm… this looks interesting, it looks like someone has been sick and spat your band out, I would to start with get rid of that horrid texture pattern and the brown, green and brown don’t mix.”Brad Linney: “I agree entirely, I think when I produced this draft I simply wanted to have a draft of an idea I had ready to edit later on.”• Draft 3TA: “This is of a great improvement from the original draft, the colours at least go together, but to me it’s still a little too strong perhaps. I would also consider, can you read the details from a distance?”BL: “When I look back, Its easy to see how strong and dominating that green is. The font was a readable font, the only problem is that the green is so powerful that it makes that it can’t be seen.”• Draft 4TA: “The green is much easier on the eye, yet still retains its eye catching properties. I think it’s a little empty on the top half, but the band logo being central, clearly shows the artist. It might be worth thinking about changing the logo so it doesn’t include the band name in it. Then you could fill in the top section with the band name.”BL: “The space at the top was left so I could place a picture of the band, at the time, I figured its one way to make my band take centre stage.”• Draft 5TA: “The picture doesn’t fit at all! I much preferred it without a picture, have you considered changing the colour scheme aswell? Since your band looks like a band of green peace executives.”BL: “One of my main concerns when I placing a picture in the poster was would it clash and obviously it did. I learnt from my research that having people on a poster didn’t work as well as without.”
  7. 7. Poster