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2015 Digital Trends


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In Digital coming year things you need to worry about and things you don’t. This presentation contains 15 points to keep in mind for coming year Digital/ Digital Marketing.

Question to be answered in this presentation

1.What Customer technology adoption will have the impact on 2015 marketing?
2.What Customer behavior impact on 2015 marketing?
3.What are the channels marketers need to look?
4.Which channels to invest?

*The slides contain copied content/ images from several webs.

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2015 Digital Trends

  1. 1. 2015 Digital Trends 15 things to keep in mind for the coming year 1Twitter : @rootlk
  2. 2. 5 Key trends you need to know The core metrics of 2015 won’t look that different from 2014. change is going to be how marketers & media companies deal with the shifted mobile-enabled Consumers. Twitter : @rootlk 2  ‘RESPONSIVENESS’ is your most watchword for 2015  Mobile touches everything  Future Advertising lies with automation  Cross-device targeting achieves scale  The Internet of things (IoT) is becoming a thing
  3. 3. ‘RESPONSIVENESS’ Will Rule • who are responsive will succeed in 2015. • In 2015, be responsive or be obsolete. Twitter : @rootlk 3
  4. 4. Mobile touches everything 2015 will see mobile search reach the tipping point— the stage at which the majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks comes from smartphones and tablets Twitter : @rootlk 4 Content Commerce Advertising Industry
  5. 5. Future Advertising Lies With Automation • Small investments outside of display today will open the door to big opportunities tomorrow • Expect programmatic will cross the line to make up more than 50% of all digital display advertising Twitter : @rootlk 5
  6. 6. Cross-Device Targeting Achieves Scale Our ability to reach and target consumers still outpaces our ability to measure and attribute their actions Twitter : @rootlk 6  Tracking behavior across devices and channels  Personalization and targeting  Identifying valuable cluster/segments of customers  Evaluating the overall customer experience  Identifying patterns of content engagement and campaign response
  7. 7. The Internet of things (IoT) • 44% of business executives worldwide had never heard of the internet of things. (That will change in 2015) • The data to be harvested from all the new, connected objects and the ways people interact with them. Twitter : @rootlk 7
  8. 8. Emerging Trends That Might Get Big but Might Not Ask Again Later. Twitter : @rootlk 8
  9. 9. WEARABLES Not Quite Ready To Wear • Wearable tech had a lot of potential, but the emphasis has been more on the tech than the wearable • More importantly, no one has come up with the truly transformative product that sends a figurative shiver through the market. Twitter : @rootlk 9
  10. 10. Mobile Payments “Wait till next year-2016” • We’ve been hearing about the death of the wallet for several years now “How many of you have Leather Wallet ?” • looking into Asia-Pacific, social commerce is emerging via a different channel: chat apps. Twitter : @rootlk 10
  11. 11. Social commerce • Apps like WeChat have evolved from messaging to commerce • The opportunities for gift-giving and for virtual socializing seemed a natural fit, particularly with Facebook. Twitter : @rootlk 11
  12. 12. “Ads as Content” to “Content as Ads” • Consumers are so bombarded by content that cutting through the clutter will become harder • Majority of companies are utilizing content marketing, and most research suggests they plan to increase their investment in it. Twitter : @rootlk 12
  13. 13. Cord-Cutting • Individuals in all age groups are still watching a ton of TV the traditional way, even millennials. • Consumers are cutting the cord, but they’re in the low single digits percentage-wise. Twitter : @rootlk 13
  14. 14. Things You Don’t Need to Worry About Five things that you don’t need to think about next year. Twitter : @rootlk 14
  15. 15. The Desktop • It’s not just because consumers are spending less time on PCs—that’s a secular trend eMarketer has been tracking over the past five years Twitter : @rootlk 15
  16. 16. QR Codes • They are not going to be the "nextbig thing“ • QR codes are not going to go away any time soon, but neither are they going to become a mass technology. Twitter : @rootlk 16
  17. 17. Social TV • Consumers activities have nothing to do with the show they are watching • Consumers regularly use mobile devices while watching TV, but only a small percentage talk about what they are watching via social media. Twitter : @rootlk 17
  18. 18. Baby Boomers • Unless you’re selling healthcare, you probably don’t need to worry about marketing to boomers online. • It’s not that boomers don’t have money to spend Twitter : @rootlk 18
  19. 19. Privacy and Security Privacy and Security concerns are simply not going to derail digital growth next year. Twitter : @rootlk 19
  20. 20. Thank you!! 20 S.Jathukulan Twitter : rootlk Instagram : rootlk