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Company culture and office politics


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Company culture and office politics are related. This related thing could be terrible sometimes, awesome sometimes. Handle it.

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Company culture and office politics

  1. 1. Company Culture & Office Politics 23th November, 2014 Saiko Shiroto
  2. 2. Company Culture Every company has its own culture. It is not written. Or at least not only written things. You can see it as mood or habits. Sometimes it brings Peer pressure.
  3. 3. Office Politics It is almost about Power Games. Who is the keystone? Who keeps budgets? Where the wind blow from? Whom to negotiate with?
  4. 4. Talking with Someone Can you talk with a stranger? Yes, you can do only on general topics. Can you talk with someone who belongs to different culture which you do not prefer.
  5. 5. Culture Affects Politics Politics is about humans. That means culture matters on politics. Bad culture gets politics worse. Check the points of bad culture.
  6. 6. 5 Bad Things to Culture 1. Break between people 2. Distrust bosses and organizations 3. No opportunity to speak different idea 4. Hopeless situations to get new things 5. Opacity at work
  7. 7. How Bad Politics Works Bad culture and bad politics are intolerant. People feel uneasy and uncomfortable and then become doubtful. They abandon a company of bad culture and bad politics.
  8. 8. What Could We Do? Just give up? Try keeping people in office? How? Cultivate nice mood and habit instead of drowning in bad politics.
  9. 9. 5 Good Things to Culture 1. Connect and be grateful 2. Get acknowledged each other 3. Talk face to face 4. Show how things work 5. Share visions, thoughts and funs
  10. 10. Make It Happen!