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What if doubting a new boss


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Boss can be cr*p and what to do with that

Published in: Leadership & Management
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What if doubting a new boss

  1. 1. What if doubting a new boss? 31st August, 2014 Saiko Shiroto
  2. 2. It happens to have a new boss You can not be away from “boss problem” while you belong to an organization. “Boss problem” is such tough to handle. Sometimes it is forgotten but a boss is only a human, not a monster…
  3. 3. When do you have a new boss? Organizations do promotion and demotion. Somebody gets promoted as your boss. You get promoted under new boss. Or you changed your job and got a new position.
  4. 4. What do you see? You must see something at new relationship with your new boss. Do you think you will be able to get along with a new boss? Or not?
  5. 5. Do you doubt a new boss? What do you do when you doubt a new boss? Do something positive? Do something negative?
  6. 6. Take a break Do not be hasty. You might have been upset. Take a deep breath and get relaxed. Just do not jump in to anywhere before thinking about that.
  7. 7. What you should do BTW? ● See exactly what a new boss is doing ● Consider what those things mean ● Think what makes you guess a new boss is not a person who is trustworthy
  8. 8. May as well try to guess What a new boss… ● must be different from you ● is thinking about ● actually knows ● has a new goal
  9. 9. May as well try to know a boss You can do something to get to know your new boss. Not only guess but have a conversation! Especially you may as well try to ask what a new boss is skillful at?
  10. 10. Nothing to sweep your doubt? Although you tried to get along with a new boss, it would come to negative end. It is not your fault. It is not anyone’s fault. Just you need to choose your way.
  11. 11. Finally something to tell you Stay fair and positive. It is not worth to blame somebody for what happened already. Just remember there is always another way.
  12. 12. Go on and get moving on.