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Ambarish Mitra, Blippar ' Creating that Augmented Experience'


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • The Blippar app, the company’s flagship product, unlocks a world of Augmented Reality experiences for users. Good Job Ambarish Mitra ....!!!
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  • Blippar has won a clutch of awards and has been recognized by Bloomberg as on of top UK Business Innovators and by Business Insider as one of the most innovative companies in tech.
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Ambarish Mitra, Blippar ' Creating that Augmented Experience'

  1. 1. Updated January 2012Creating that Augmented ExperienceBy Ambarish Mitra (@rishmitra)Co-founder and CEO
  2. 2.  Revolutionary new medium Print to digital bridge Fastest image recognition tech Measurable Brand new behaviour - ‘Blipping’What is blippar?
  3. 3. BrandingEntertainment & engagementWhat can blippar do?
  4. 4. What can blippar do?Direct ResponseUtility and functionality
  5. 5. What can blippar do?Direct ResponseValue-rich offers
  6. 6. What can blippar do?Dynamic Content DeliveryRich, real-time information
  7. 7. Success to dateAUGUST 20121,000,000Direct downloadsThe largest singleplatform, image-recogAR audience globally85%15%AVERAGE BLIPPS7.5xper first time user70%30%DATA TRACKING TOOLUnique/ total blipps by date/ time, geo-mapping, % response by marker activity inblipp e.g. click thru, downloads, photo-shares etc.AVERAGE DWELL2.5 minsper blippMANY CAMPAIGNS250,000+INTERACTIONS
  8. 8. Our track record
  9. 9. The futureThe Behavior• User habitually ‘blipps’ the flat, static worldaround them• Content is developed with this mediumspecifically in mind• Media is bought according to how it converts• One app. One call-to-action. One cumulativeaudience acquired to the app•The Business• Series A investment this Autumn• International expansion - US Q3, 2012, ROW,Q4 2012• ‘blipps’ built directly by brands & mediaowners around the world on an open self-service platformHow? blipp
  10. 10. Thank you