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John Andrews, IORMA


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Published in: Retail, Technology
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John Andrews, IORMA

  1. 1. John Andrews IORMA (International Omni Retailing Market Association)
  2. 2. i’m just going omni-channel shopping …
  3. 3. global consumers … 7.2 billion
  4. 4. but what if …
  5. 5. what if … everybody had a mobile
  6. 6. what if … physical buildings became connected to the cloud … and connected to people
  7. 7. what if … the unconnected 5 billion people were connected !
  8. 8. what if … things were delivered … by drone
  9. 9. what if … everything was connected to the internet … interactive glass
  10. 10. what if … you could design, make and recycle things yourself … 3D Printers
  11. 11. the future of retailing led by the technology enabled global consumer
  12. 12. whose data is it … privacy
  13. 13. millennials … the future society
  14. 14. selling the product … not the technology
  15. 15. will the concept of retailing survive … brands and manufacturers selling direct to consumers
  16. 16. connected devices … connected things … connected people the future of shopping = the future of society
  17. 17. the future of society the future is not going away technology, its evolution and impact is not going away agility (feet on the ground for today, yet head above the clouds to see tomorrow) impacts employment distribution of wealth globalisation economies
  18. 18. “we always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten …. don't let yourself be lulled into inaction.” Bill Gates is it change, or just evolution …
  19. 19. The Global Consumer Commerce Centre John Andrews