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Debbie Forster, Apps for Good


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Debbie Forster, Apps for Good

  1. 1. Debbie Forster Apps For Good
  2. 2. Apps for Good Taking Tech beyond the classroom Debbie Forster UK Managing Director, Apps for Good Twitter @debbieforster @appsforgood.cdi
  3. 3. Apps for Good Apps in the classroom? Cattle Manager Track and manage cattle data Dog Log Walk your dog and compete with friends Social Bank Save for what you crave The Story Wall Write your story with help from your friends Supportive Schedule Helps people with learning difficulties with daily routines Pitch Pals Our playful pals make instrument tuning fun Pockupatio n Get help with odd jobs or earn pocket money @debbieforster
  4. 4. Apps for Good Our vision: To grow a new global generation of problem solvers & digital makers: students who can create, launch & market new products that change their world @debbieforster
  5. 5. Apps for Good Isn’t computing enough? © Mats Tooming | Dreamstime Stock Photos @debbieforster
  6. 6. Apps for Good STEM education isn’t enough Arts Entrepreneurship Design @debbieforster
  7. 7. Apps for Good Why teach app creation in the classroom? • Inspire students to be digital makers, not just consumers • Let students build on their interests & passions • Offer a snapshot of the tech industry & digital creation process • Develop tech skills and problem-solving/communication skills @debbieforster
  8. 8. Apps for Good Our approach—taking students from problem to prototype App Development Basics Idea Generation: initial ideas & problem solving skills Product Development: prototyping, testing & business models Screening & Scoping: practical market research & technical feasibility Pitching & Competition: Pull together all key artifacts into a pitch for a chance to win expert investment @debbieforster
  9. 9. Real world context oUse real world problems oDraw on real world experts oUse real world methods oDevelop tech skills & “soft” skills Apps for Good Taking tech beyond the classroom Student-driven learning oKeep it project-based oGive opportunity for creativity oUse a team approach oBuild in opportunity to “fail” Coding & technology oKeep it creative oFocus on purpose oUse familiar technology oUse full range of free software oDraw on self- or peer-learning @debbieforster
  10. 10. Apps for Good Our approach—changing how tech is taught Educator— Pedagogical Expertise Experts— Expertise across industry Students—Tackling the challenge @debbieforster
  11. 11. Apps for Good Our approach—connecting with experts Connecting on the screen and in the flesh @debbieforster
  12. 12. Apps for Good A growing movement-From 40 students in London to 17,000 students across the UK in just 3 years. The Scottish Opportunity @debbieforster
  13. 13. Contribute, collaborate and co - create Connect Create content & context @debbieforster
  14. 14. Apps for Good Turning Scottish young people from digital consumers into digital creators & entrepreneurs Cattle Manager Track and manage cattle data @debbieforster
  15. 15. Apps for Good And the winner is… our students. Building the next generation of problem solvers & digital makers. @debbieforster
  16. 16. Apps for Good @debbieforster @appsforgoodcdi