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Choosing the Right Digital Team to Support Your Organization's Needs


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Presented at InnoTech Oregon 2013. All rights reserved.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Choosing the Right Digital Team to Support Your Organization's Needs

  1. 1. InnoTech 2013Choosing the right digital team to support yourorganization’s needs
  2. 2. //Ben McKinleycascade web//development – founded 2001- Digital marketing and web development shop- Web software developeryour brandlive – co-founded 2010- Live video retail/collaboration platform- Portland Seed Fund – fall 2012- Angel Oregon 2013 Launch Stage WinnerContent and datamanagement platform(CMS)intranets + extranets Live video retail and collaboration
  3. 3. //Agenda• State of businesses and organizations, today• Spectrum of options available• Are you asking the right questions?
  4. 4. //State of businesses and organizations, today• Easier than ever to start a new company• More generations in the workplace than ever before• Technology blurs lines of personal and professional lives• Coming out of worst economic recession more than a generation• Marketing and sales teams are being asked to do more with less
  5. 5. //desired
  6. 6. //realistic
  7. 7. //Spectrum of options availableConsultingTechnologyTools
  8. 8. //ConsultingWork that establishes a foundation and recommends strategy/tactics• Branding• SEO keyword research• Site audit• Marketing auditSelling points:• Team member capabilities, awards, office space• Expertise with domain, industry• Deliverables highly customized for each client
  9. 9. //TechnologyLittle direct human interaction. SaaS model – sign up, download, use.• Google Analytics• 37 Signals – Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire• Facebook, Instagram, TwitterSelling points:• Features, functions, ease of use, low cost• Standardized parameters for all users
  10. 10. //Everything in betweenAgencies - one stop shops that deliver integrated solutionsWeb design/developmentSocial mediaSearch - Analytics/Optimization/PPCMedia and content creation
  11. 11. //Confused?
  12. 12. //Where to go from here?• Firm focus• Business approach• Process• Technology• Ongoing support• References
  13. 13. //Firm focus• Generalists v. specialists?• Where are they investing time and resources?• Are all services offered at the same level of expertise? Do ratesreflect this?• How do they measure success/ROI?• Do you focus on output or outcomes?
  14. 14. //Business approach• Who owns the company? How long? How is it funded?• The Team: employees or contractors?• How long has the staff been with the firm?• How is work distributed amongst the team?• How long are typical client engagements?
  15. 15. //Process• Strategy, Solution, Evolution – Are all of these needed?• Scope: How is scope established? How is scope-creep managed?• Budgets: Fixed bid, hourly, undefined?• Timelines: How closely are they managed?
  16. 16. //Technology• How is technology involved with your needs?• Do they build, buy or borrow? How do they address the pros andcons of each?• What level of administrative access is provided?• How many administrative interfaces are involved in the solution?• Is your team capable of using the admin tools?• Technology is only as good as the people behind it.
  17. 17. //Ongoing Support• Is it offered? Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?• How is support billed?• Who is responsible for a web site – hosting, technical support, disasterrecovery, back ups, security, domain renewals, DNS?• How committed is the firm to the tools it promotes to its clients? Webplatforms, custom development, integrations?• How quickly will issues be addressed?
  18. 18. //References• Get at least 3. Check them. Be thorough.• Request referrals that align with your needs.
  19. 19. Thank you.Ben McKinleyben@cascadewebdev.com503.260.2021