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Building a High Profit Marketing Plan for your Real Estate or Mortgage business is easier than you would think. Watch this short presentation to find out what you need in place to work less, make more, and fill your business with high quality, highly motivated leads.

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High profit marketing plan webinar

  1. 1. How to Build aHigh Profit Marketing Plan
  2. 2. Your HostIngrid Menninga - From Vancouver Island - Mother was a Realtor - Masters Degree in Demographics - Worked at Invis, Royal LePage - Got the entrepreneurial bug - Started JOLT Marketing
  3. 3. Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing
  4. 4. Let’s get into it!•the secret behind a "high profit" marketing plan, that costs you little to no $,but delivers HUGE results• the “big picture” of your marketing tactics• how to fill your sales funnel with high quality leads continuously• the #1 mistake Agents make in their business that costs thousands of $$$(and what to do instead)• the "no fail" map you need to follow in your business so youre not lettingothers scoop up your leads• how to get 365 days of success with your High Profit Marketing Plan
  5. 5. Build your Success Story1. Have a positive attitude and an open mind Your mindset matters2. Don’t do the same as everyone else How will you differentiate? How will you get different results?3. Try new things You’ll learn what works best for you4. Allow yourself to get uncomfortable That’s how growth happens5. Most importantly, INVEST IN YOURSELF! You are your biggest asset!
  6. 6. The Secret behind a High Profit Plan1. press play & repeat all year long not “re-inventing” the wheel every time not making more work than you need to2. continuously promote your business building momentum not stopping & starting3. cap costs at maximum 40% (ideally 20%) Maximize every opportunity Spend less Get better results
  7. 7. The Secret to High Profit Marketing Chose better quality lead generators Maximize your efforts Follow a High Profit Marketing Map Spend less time Make more $
  8. 8. The Secret to High Profit MarketingBy incorporating onestrategy into my weeklyschedule I’ll make an extra$100,000 this year.Jivan SangharaDoubled his business in 2 months
  9. 9. The Secret to High Profit MarketingOption One: Create a 4 part video seriesSpend 8 hours (hair, outfit, script, takes, editing, posting)Post on youtube (50 views each video)= 200 views
  10. 10. The Secret to High Profit MarketingOption Two: Create 1 videoSpend 2 hours making video, spend 2 hours posting1. Post on youtube (50 views)2. In a blog (25 views)3. On your website (100 views)4. In your email signature (10 views)5. In your e-newsletter (50 views)6. On Facebook Page (30 views)7. On Facebook Personal Profile (25 views)8. On Twitter (10 views)9. On Linkedin Discussion Board (10 views)10. On Community Boards (35 views)11. In a comments section of a community website (5 views)= 350 views
  11. 11. Your Sales Funnel
  12. 12. Your Sales Funnel The more you have hereThe more youget here
  13. 13. Your Sales Funnel "I made an extra $5,000 by spending 25 minutes and putting one simple strategy into play” Lee Anne Taylor Will double her business this year
  14. 14. Are your clients taking this route to work with you? - confusing - many dead ends - many different paths - no clear path - no clear end goal
  15. 15. Or are you making it easy for them? - clear path - easy to follow - only one direction - clear end goal - no dead ends
  16. 16. Build your High Profit Marketing & Sales MapQuestion: What is the route your clients take to find you & decide to work with you?
  17. 17. Build your High Profit Marketing & Sales Map 99.9% of you are leaving $$$ on the tableTHE WORST PART: you’re warming up leads for the competition
  18. 18. High Profit Marketing & Sales Map - Sample Facebook E-newsletter Email Campaign Signup Work with you Meeting Attend Seminar $$$
  19. 19. High Profit Marketing & Sales Map Call to Facebook Action E-newsletter Signup Email Campaign Call toWork with Me Meeting Action
  20. 20. The #1 MistakeMost Agents Marketing & Sales Map looks like this Facebook Call to Work with Me Action
  21. 21. That’s like asking clients to jump off a cliff with you…Before they know you Unless someone is ready to DIVE, you lose the business!
  22. 22. When you should be inviting them to take a self guided tour You’re not pushing them; they want to come with you! - Increased motivation - Increased loyalty - Increased trust YOUR PROSPECTS ARE QUALIFYING THEMSELVES!
  23. 23. How to Get 365 Days of Success Offer something your clients already want Maximize your marketing Scoop up your leads Be specific about the benefits of the next step Make it easy to say “yes” The magic is when your clients qualify themselves!
  24. 24. Build your High Profit Marketing Plan HIGH PROFIT MARKETING PLAN live workshopJoin our LIVE Workshop – December 13th at the LivingArts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario Fill your sales funnel with highly motivated prospects for little or nomoney Increase sales without you being “salesy", “pushy", or spending afortune Have referral partners sending you consistent, high quality leads Work less & make more www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  25. 25. Build your High Profit Marketing PlanYou’ll walk away with:• 365 Days of Success Marketing Calendar• Your Personal High Profit Marketing & Sales Map• Over 100 free, easy & extremely powerful marketing tactics• Your roadmap for breakthrough success in 2013 Register at: www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  26. 26. Bonuses:2 Sample Marketing & Sales Success MapsValue $5,000101 Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Business without spending apennyValue $97 Register at: www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  27. 27. This full day intensive workshop is perfectfor Agents like you that: want to put the pieces of the puzzle together in their business don’t want to miss out on the $ opportunities by warming up leads for thecompetitionknow how to sell once people are in your door...but you want and need morepeople in your door see market conditions changing, and you want to have a solid plan so yourbusiness continues regardless of outside forces ready to grow with a plan that you (and possibly a team) can follow easily soyour personal brand is protected, and everyone knows what to do (meaning lessquestions for you) want to stop being disorganized, and start having systems are done with "winging it" as you go along... are action takers…but you just need to know the right actions to take www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  28. 28. Just so were on the same page, this isNOT:- a *magic pill*- cheesy, stale, boring, and worn out tactics- a one size fits all solution- anything thats difficult, complicated, expensive or yet to be proven(thats right, these are all easy to understand, inexpensive and tested tobe true!) Register at: www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  29. 29. And of course you have my Satisfaction Guarantee!Im certain that youre going to love this live workshop, and that if you dothe work you will see incredible results. To back that up, Im proud to offera 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you come to the live workshop, anddiscover its not for you, just let me know before we start our 3rd hour ofthe day (before 11am), and Ill happily give you a full refund. Register at: www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  30. 30. "Im going to make an extra $100,000 this year, by putting one of Ingrids strategiesinto play" Jivan Sanghara, Dominion Lending Centres"Sales results were spectacular" Mike Hall, President Oriana Financial“I have actionable steps & a calendar to follow for how I can promote my business”Matt Collinge, Royal LePage Westside"I made an extra $5,000 by spending 25 minutes and putting one simple strategy intoplay” Lee Anne Taylor, Mortgage Agent at DLC "Time management was always a challenge, but now Im in control of my businesssuccess" Rosanna Rocca, RE/MAX Abouttowne www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com
  31. 31. Build your own High Profit Marketing Plan• $397 Regular Price• Have an early bird special on now for $247  Only 10 early bird tickets  40% savings• Small group, less than 20 people• Tickets are first come, first served Reserve your spot at: www.highprofitmarketingplan.eventbrite.com